Julias Foodstuff Booth

 Julias Meals Booth Composition

Julia Food Booth


Julia is going to lease a food presentation area outside the Tech Stadium in the home Football games to finance her last year education with all the current games go sold out. The rent pertaining to the sales space per game is money 1000. Julia will sell slices of Cheese Pizza, Sizzling Dogs and Barbecue Casse-cro?te which are critically acclaimed to be the many popular thus these are the three products this lady has chosen to sell off at the house games football stadium. The rent to get oven is usually $ six-hundred for 6 home game titles, which makes it bucks 100 every game. To hold things basic, Julia decided to hire an outside pizza delivery company, it seems like to be affordable and for additional items the girl plans to arrange them before. Space used by Pizza is usually 14” times 14”, popular dogs are 16 in/sq. and the BARBECUE sandwich is definitely 25 " sq . The price price of Pizza $6. 00, or perhaps $. 75 ea slice with almost 8 slices/pizza the hot dogs $0. 45 every single, and sandwiches$. 90 each, respectively. The sale price of Pizza Piece is $1. 50, hot dogs $1. 60 and the BB-Q sub is $2. 25. Julia's initial purchase is $1500 which could pay for the first video game day; she would pay the near future home online games out of proceeds gained from the online games. From Pupil Feedbacks she has learnt that she sell as many pieces of Pizzas as Sizzling dogs and BBQ sandwich's combined. She feels she sell twice as a large number of hot pups as she can the BARBECUE sandwich's. Julia believes that she will make at least $1000 net profit after expenses happen to be paid every game. Objective Function

Objective here is to maximize the profit. Profit is calculated for every single variable by subtracting expense from the selling price. Pizza. Cost $6 / 8 sama dengan $ 0. 75 (Cost per slice) Z =$0. 75 x1 +$. 45x2 + $. 90 x3. Profit per: $. 75/slice pizza, $1. 15/hot doggie $ 1 ) 35/BBQ Sandwich Sales Price: $2. 25 $ 1 . 60 bucks 1 . 40 Sale Selling price: 3x/Sandwich; 2x/ Hot dog and 1x/pizza slice. Decision Variables Constraints:

Price range Constraint:

zero. 75x1 + 0. 45x2 +. 90x3 2x3

x2 – 2x3 => zero

If extra help @$100/game = $100/x6


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