key text messaging of antiquity

 key texts of antiquity Essay

Key texts of Longevity (Week 1)

Philosophy is usually from the Greeks ← our language originates from Greek and Latin as well.

Xenos- stranger

Phobos- fear

1)The superb questions addressed by the philosophers

-What is a human being? (Anthropology)

-What may be the world along with what it is constructed?

-What is a relationship between human beings plus the natural? -How do we be the cause of the enormous range in creation while at the same time thinking in one transcendent being? -How do we reconcile one numerous?

-Why cannot human beings are able to live jointly? (Why can we always need our own way? ) -Are there virtually any unchanging truths, which are the same for all people in all, times and places?

" Most men wish to know” – Aristotle

2)Divisions of Historical Philosophy

-6th century BCE to 529CE (pagan books were outlawed)

-Pre-Socratics (they came ahead of Socrates (Pythagoreans & Ionians) -Sophists and Socrates (sophists are people who wanted to always be paid for their very own philosophy and Socrates did not agree with that) -Plato and Aristotle (great scientist also)

-Hellenistic period (stoicism, it also has the sceptics)

-Neo-Platonism (built on Plato) (Augustine of Hippo believed in this, using the his teachings on this foundation) -Christian Idea (Augustine of Hippo attempted to apply attempted to apply NP with the Christian believers scriptures) (People argue that Christian believers scriptures needs to be moved to medieval times not ancient)

3)Nature of the Traditional Philosophy

-Totality (the real picture is what the Greeks had been into (what is the meaning of existence? ) (What is the totality of presence? )) -Filein- to take pleasure in, Sophia- knowledge

-Method (you use the mind, God's relevant too) (Greek philosophy says we should only use our minds to conclude) -End (the causes of doing things) what is reality?

4)Purpose of module: Do we need to see the authors of antiquity -The purpose of the module is to study is always to study what great philosophers thought in order to facilitate our personal...

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