Level 2 Qualification in Equal rights & Variety

 Level two Certificate in Equality  Diversity Composition

1 . What is meant by simply diversity?

Selection is the difference from one another

2 . Describe the city you live in. Highlight a number of the variations you may observe regarding: •Interests




•Personal, interpersonal and social identities.

Within my community there are different people via different ethnic backgrounds such as: Asians, United kingdom and Dark-colored people. We certainly have people of all ages. The young boys and girls be in the park nearby. Some enjoy football, other folks on the shots and others simply run about. Most of the older people prefer to stay indoors a lot of the times. We certainly have students, functioning class and housewives and retired others who live nearby. It is a blended religion community majority being of Christian and Muslim faiths. My own community is actually a united one particular where we meet once a month and go over the problems influencing us and try managing them. We all also have a clean-up day once per month where we all clean about our neighbourhood. There are restaurants offering several types of cuisine.

3. Describe how the versions in question a couple of contribute to the diversity of the community.

Variations offer people a wide range of experiences and opportunities and creating something totally new that create a richer society for example in culture and beliefs.

5. Give a few examples to explain just how diversity:

•Enhances your life

•Enhances the local community

•Enhances the us.

Diversity increases my life as I learn and experience new things and as foreign people I get to learn other's ways of existence. It also makes a community grow and develop equally socially and economically. Selection makes Great britain a multicultural country as a result enriching this with tradition, variety of foods, beliefs and economic development,

5. Illustrate what it means to respect peoples' differences and why it is necessary to respect differences.

This really is willing to recognize everyone is different and treating other folks as you wish to be remedied. It is important to respect differences because whenever we were a similar the community can be boring. It helps one find out more and enhances the civilizations.

6. For a person you know, describe the individual elements that make him / her who they are.


Defining factorsBrief description

Physical characteristics

Extra tall medium built black guy with short hair


Happy and fun loving person


Likes reggae music and dancing. Dislikes cinema

Beliefs and morals

Goes to cathedral every On the and prays. Family is very important to him so he appointments his parents four instances a week

six. Describe yourself in terms of:

•Personal interests

•Religion / tradition


My spouse and i am of African origin and stay in Bury community in Lancashire. I love watching movies and going to movie theater. I prefer Caribbean food to Chinese food. Am a Christian and go to church every other Saturday and pray everyday.

almost eight. What is meant by having multiple identities? Give three illustrations in relation to people you know.

Multiple identities can be where someone appears to have two or more personalities present that take control of their very own behaviour for different occasions.

Example 1:

Jane is a 40 yr old female could be a nurse whom grew up in Washington POWER but now hails from Florida. The girl likes going swimming

Example a couple of:

Rhodes can be described as 14 yr old male pupil who enjoys astronomy and football. Having been born in Chester.

Case in point 3:

Flower is a 30 year born in Chester. She wants reading and in addition enjoys swimming

9. Precisely what is meant by simply shared personality?

This is where an individual has many identifying characteristics

15. Explain and give examples of just how an individual can recognize themselves because belonging to a variety of groups.

This is where an individual identifies themselves having association with diverse groupings through different aspects such as work, relatives, interests, and...

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