Listening Analysis Paper

Pseudo means false or perhaps insincere. Thus a pseudo listener just isn't listening effectively. They may be sidetracked and concentrating on something else (watching tv, in a daydream, or perhaps texting). They could say my oh my huh, yes, but not necessarily really being attentive at all.

The six types of non-listening will be as follows; Pseudo Listening, Monopolizing, Selective Hearing, Defensive Tuning in, Ambushing and Literal Hearing.

As stated in the phase, Pseudo Tuning in is when one pretends to listen.

Whenever we pseudolisten, all of us appear to be receptive, but our minds are usually elsewhere.

Monopolizing can be when a single takes over a conversation, certainly not letting other people contribute to the conversation. It is when ever one continues to focus the conversation upon themselves instead of listening to someone else talk. �

Usually once one partcipates in monopolized tuning in tactics they interrupt the speaker to be able to divert attention to themselves.

Once one engages in Selective Hearing they usually focusing on the parts of the discussion that curiosity them or maybe the parts that they agree with.


Shielding Listening is definitely when 1 takes what someone says as frightening.  It can be when a single feels like they are becoming attacked or criticized when in reality no person is deliberately trying to offend them.

Ambush Being attentive is when one listens to a story waiting for the chance to purposely assault the audio.

Literal Listening can be listening just for content and ignoring the partnership level of meaning. When a single only listens literally they become insensitive in front of large audiences feelings, certainly not making the effort to know how they think.

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