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Lotte Co. was originally established in 06 1948 in Japan while using aim to provide an internationalization and diversification product or service to clients (Lotte Co. Ltd. 2012). In 1967, Lotte Co. Ltd. extended their industry to Korea, established Lotte Group to offer a modernized foodstuff industry and a high-standard lifestyle for their customers (Lotte Group 2012). Nowadays, Lotte has grown into a global business with offices in more than 50 countries worldwide, several sectors and approximately 5, 700 staff (Lotte Co. Ltd. 2012). Food and Beverage continues to be the forte of Lotte Group and has a stable development in the global marketplace especially Japan, China, Russia and Vietnam. In 2011, Lotte had gained ¥522. 0 billion as a whole (Lotte Company. Ltd. 2012). Lotte entered Vietnam market with their forte – meals and refreshment. However , it is far from until January 2008 that Lotte started investing in to Vietnamese industry, with the business of the 1st Lotte Mart in Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, with KFC, Tombola is the main player in pret a manger franchising organization (Tuoi Tre 2012). Lotte's mission is to create excessive – quality services and products adding to an abundant existence for their buyers through creativity exploration and challenge confrontation. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

According to Lotteria 2012, Lotteria is a leader in the Korean pret a manger industry with 550 billion won product sales in 2009. Firstly appeared in Vietnam in 1998, yet Caso is not really popular till the entrance of bulgogi burger in 2004 (Lotteria 2012). Relating to Tuoi Tre 2012, Lotteria is the owners of more than 120 shops across the country, aiming to open 150 stores at the conclusion of 2012. Entering Vietnam market, because the similarity in cusine culture and Asian flavor, Loterria Vietnam quickly draws in the taste of Vietnamese by outstanding taste of modern Korean fast-food. With the stable advancement and market share in Vietnam, Lotteria should become the very first choice manufacturer in the near future (Lotteria 2012). With strong growth of economy, customers now like the convenient and affordable meals as their first option inside their hectic daily lifestyle. Realizing this growing demand, various fast-food dispenses have joined the youthful Vietnamese market with the hope to offer consumers with increased alternatives for their dining alternatives. They provide goods for customers with appropriate prizes and high availability. The two biggest fast-food franchises in Vietnam today will be KFC and Lotteria, while using total greater than 250 stores across the country (Tuoi Tre Reports 2012) Numerous diverse pret a manger products, the main objective of Caso when entering Vietnam is still hamburger, the forte with the franchise. Yet , due to the latest entrance of Burger King – a well-known manufacturer for burger, Lotteria provides decided to build a marketing campaign in promoting and preserve the position of Lotteria available on the market. MARKETING ENVIRONMENTS

There are several elements that have direct or roundabout impacts in marketing's supervision of Tombola; they ensure that the company to build and maintain it is strong relationships with the goal customers. To illustrate, mini environment and macro environment make up the promoting environment. Micro-environment

1 . The corporation

According to Lotte (2012), Lotteria was part of enlargement of Lotte Group. Moreover, in Vietnam, since Caso debuted more than a decade ago, there are now 117 branches working throughout the country and almost 50 twigs in Ho Chi Minh city (Lotte 2012). Lotte Group is a strong corporation with the is designed of improve consumers living standard, as a result they have a good based supervision and business strategies. The Lotte Group includes the top management, financial, R& Deb, purchase procedure and accounting that can affect marketing. For instance, the promoting budget can be controlled by the financial department; the availability team may plan to create the suitable...

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