Managing Strategy

 Managing Technique Essay


Birmingham School of Commerce

BA Semester 2

Course Format for:

August, 2011.

Study course Leader:

Anand Walser

anand. [email protected] co. uk

Job Deadline:

20th December, 2011


Economical Management and Analysis3

Module Description4

Learning Outcomes3

Indicative Content several

Indicative Reading List4

Sample Questions6-12

Tactical Information Management14

Module Description14

Learning Outcomes14

Indicative Content14

Indicative Browsing List15

Test Questions16-17

Business Research Methodologies18

Module Description18

Learning Outcomes18

Indicative Content19

Indicative Browsing List20

Test Questions22-24


International Business26 Module Description26 Learning Outcomes26

Indicative Content26

Indicative Browsing list27

Test Questions28-32

1 . Module Title: Financial Supervision and Examination

Module Lecturer: SA Palan and Makailla McConnel

1 . Module Explanation:

This module supplies a comprehensive insurance coverage of financial managing from a company perspective, combined with a comprehensive protection of general financial math concepts. It includes the core targets of corporate financial management, and the putting on a range of analytical tactics and technology, including monetary mathematics, computer spreadsheet designs and electric calculator routines, to expense, financing and dividend decisions. The component also covers the impact of different income tax devices on expense evaluation by both a corporate and aktionar perspective.

2 . Learning Effects:

Upon powerful completion of this kind of module, college students will be able to: • Understand the facets of financial marketplaces.

• Make use of financial math concepts as appropriate.

• Appreciate the dangers involved in monetary management. • Identify, examine and solve financial problems confronting businesses, particularly problems relating to corporate investment, asset management and financing decisions. • Work with analytical tactics and ideal electronic helps to assist in contemporary economic decision making, • Analyse the effect of economic, legal and tax changes on the proper and financial position of firms. • Prefer the ethical problems of financial supervision within business organisations.

three or more Indicative Content:

This subject is broken into the following issues:

• Introduction to financial supervision and the UK taxation system • Financial markets

• Financial math concepts

• Valuation of you possess and stocks and shares

• Introduction to risk and rates of return

• Capital budgeting concepts and methods

• Issues in capital cash strategy

• Various other approaches to assessing risk in project evaluation • Expense of capital

• Sources of immediate finance

• Long-term personal debt finance

• Equity loans

• Capital structure

• Dividend insurance plan

4. Delivery:

A variety of educating approaches are used, including lectures, seminars, circumstance analysis, team-work and comprehensive use of the Internet for guided research.

Notional Student Work load

Lectures18 hours

Seminars six hours

Described learning 46 hours

Impartial Learning 70 hours

Total 150 hours

five. Assessment:

Test (3Hours) – 100%

six. Concise Indicative Reading List:

Core Text:

Block, H. B. and Hirt, G. A. (2008) Foundations of economic Management,  (International ed) McGraw Hill

Recommended Reading:

Higgins, R. (2009) Analysis to get Financial Administration, (9th Male impotence. ) McGraw Hill Education.

Brigham, Elizabeth. F and Houston T, (2008) Fundamentals...

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