Manila Electric power Railroad

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lcoMERALCO (Manila Electric Railroad And Light Company)

I- Brief Description

The Manila Electric Company, often known as MERALCO, is a Philippines' greatest distributor of electrical power. The term MERALCO, is short for for Manila Electric Railroad And Light Business, which was the company's original be derived from 1903 to 1919. MERALCO is the Community Manila's only electric power supplier and holds the power division franchise for a few 22 metropolitan areas and fifth 89 municipalities, including the whole of Metro Manila and Mega Manila area.


2. Largest syndication utility inside the Philippines

- Acts 25% with the Philippine populace

* 9, 337 km2 footprint

- Accounts for fifty percent of Filipino Gross Home-based Product (GDP) - 60% of Filipino manufacturing outcome generated withinin the business area - Generates 74% of Luzon's and 54% of Filipino electricity sales - Interpersonal, political, economic center of the Philippines * Strong organic and natural growth

2. Sales earnings of Php256. 8 billion dollars, equivalent to US$5. 9 billion * Marketplace capitalization of Php278. six billion, corresponding to US$6. 5 billion at the conclusion of 2011

Driven to Efficiency

2. All-time low system loss level

* Record levels of system availableness, reliability and power quality * Perform better regulatory assistance standards

2. Highly encouraged and revived employees

Multi-faceted Business Opportunities and Strategies

2. Core Electricity Distribution Assistance

* Electric power Generation

* Retail Electrical energy Supplier

5. Franchise Growth

* Subsidiaries' Growth

II- Needs Examination – Organizational Level


is to be a world-class firm and the company of choice


is to give our customers the best value in energy, products and services.


MERALCO‘s Stand Organization

MERALCO' Business Approach

" Allowing Growth" when calculated resonates our Business vision to get a brighter and...

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