Advertising Pasta

 Marketing and Teigwaren Essay


TruEarth Healthyfoods: Market research for any new product Advantages

Ankit Arora

Gopidas G

Riyaz Ahamed

Sharon Sunlit George

How come was Cucina Fresca nudeln successful?

Some of the reasons for the achievements of Cucina Fresca Pasta will be, Thorough industry survey – The company organized its R& D section and outsourced the market study to Nielson Bases. The survey took into consideration both- the market potential as well as behavioral considerations. Easy customizable choices – Buyers were supplied with a wide range of sauce options. That were there simple instructions/ recommendations for organizing the meal. Smaller packs sizes – This provided a feeling of freshness. It was also easier pertaining to first time/ skeptical buyers to purchase trial packs. House meal replacements- Cucina Fresca provided the ideal alternative to home makers/ people who faced period constraints yet at the same time a new passion for cooking. TruEarth was powerful in wedding caterers to the unmet demand for healthier pasta which will tasted good as well. That served as a substitute for refrigerated pasta which has been considered to be fewer tasty and authentic. Whole grain pasta solved the problem of bad carbs, thus catering to the health conscious consumers. That they had prior encounter and existing capabilities in the pasta industry which helped them efficiently launch Cucina Fresca.

Just how would you review the pizzas opportunity to that for teigwaren? Comparison of Pizzas opportunity to those of Pasta is usually tabulated since below,




Launched as being a New Brand

Brand consciousness already made due to Cucina Fresca

Industry Demand

$4. 4 Bn for refrigerated pasta

dollar 5. almost eight Bn for refrigerated pizzas

Distribution Channels

Retail stores, supermarkets

Dine-in, take-out, in store chilled


Just one main rival, Has 1st mover edge

Attempting to be a market fans, increasing competition in the future Client perception

Very health conscious consumers (85% of...

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