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 Product and Material Essay

Course name: Product and Material in modern society

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Project name: Application of materials in kitchenware: Frying Skillet Name: Pun, Yinkiu

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Section 1: Launch and Objective-------------------------------------------p. 3 Section 2: Literature review--------------------------------------------------------p. some Section three or more: Methodology-------------------------------------------------------------p. 5 Section 5: Findings and Analyses

5. 1 . Heat conductivity and resistance--------------------p. 5-7 4. 2 . Toxicity and Durability-------------------------------------p. 7-8 4. 3. Material cycle-------------------------------------------------p. 8-9 four. 5. Making cost and market availability ---------p. 8-11 Section a few: Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------p. 12-13


Frying griddle is a kind of pots and pans which can be generally found in your kitchen. It is commonly sized 8 to doze inches in diameter with a long manage and a set bottom. A frying cookware an important food-preparation tool because it is mainly used pertaining to frying and searing meals over high heat. Therefore , the frying skillet should not be bended easily and really should be able to carry out heat equally. Choosing the right and suitable materials to make a frying pan may help task in to an exercise in success. The best option material is going to be selected through comparisons between copper and aluminum alloys, which are commonly used in designing frying pan.

This kind of report is usually consisted of three parts. The first part is the advantages and argument. Second component is the conclusions and studies through comparing two types of materials and the conclusion would be the last part.


Persons normally choose copper, players iron, and aluminum metals as the raw material for making a frying baking pan because of its mechanical properties. This kind of report is going to find out one of the most optimal materials to make a frying pan through comparing the mechanical homes of these two kinds of alloys.


The choice of material intended for cookware contains a significant impact on its functionality. Therefore , you will need to select a sort of suitable material used in design. Metals are selected intended for manufacturing baking pans since they are strong in structure and never easy to always be deformed. Two kinds of alloys are chosen to look into while the nature of precious metals,

Several criteria is set for choosing the most suitable material, are as follow: 1 . Thermal conductivity and level of resistance,

2 . Degree of toxicity,

3. Durability,

4. Materials cycle,

five. Manufacturing price and marketplace availability.

Big difference data and statistic will probably be found via difference catalogs, articles, websites etc . you will have not only created report but also the findings will probably be shown in charts.

Materials review

Copper mineral frying pans were initially used in the ancient Mesopotamia. Frying pans were also used in ancient Portugal and Rome. The English word " pan" originates from the Latina " apparenza. " These were called teganon to the Greeks and referred to as patella by the Romans. It is thought that baking pans were chosen for the preparation of materials dishes as well. When skillets first came about there were profound much like a saucepan. The word frying griddle was first registered to be found in the English language language about 1382 with a man known as John Wyclif. He tried it in translation of the scriptures. The used of the term fry pan didn't happen regularly ahead of around the fifties. When it do occur it absolutely was mainly called the omelet pan or perhaps the double fry pan, the invention of the electric power pan intended for frying noticeable the " fry pan” revival. In the us and Britain fry cookware that experienced legs were commonly known as spiders.

Findings and Examines

I. Energy conductivity and resistance

5. Copper

Copper mineral is an extremely great conductor of heat because get it has substantial thermal conductivity. The pourcentage of the cold weather...

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