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. Sample and Data collection1

Data Collection2


. Stability of constructs2

. Profile of Respondents3

. Analysis4

Descriptive Statistics4

Inferential Statistics5

. Results: being unfaithful



As a result of explained issue concerning pupils 'satisfaction with University of Dubai, we certainly have used many measurement tools through the SPSS program to analyze our gathered data. This section will include an elaboration about our sample and how your data was accumulated, and the measurement techniques applied.. Sample and Data collection

Data Collection

In order to analyze students' satisfaction with UD a customer survey was designed and tested intended for reliability and validity by simply Dr . Mohamed A. Yousef1. The customer survey is divided into 11 constructs concerning the top quality dimensions impacting on overall students' satisfaction with UD which can be explained recently in the exploration problem and hypothesis section. We collected the data with the begging from the fall session 2014, through the first 10 minutes of lectures, and tried to visit several classes so as to have a better variation of responds. The method was easy for us plus the students because the questionnaire was distributed during lectures.


A total of 60 forms were given away and packed successfully. The distribution of the respondents in accordance to grow older was since follow; 80% were 3 decades old or younger plus the remaining twenty percent were 23 years and above. A prolonged elaboration of the respondents account will be explained in one of the next sections. Your data collected was entered to a excel bed sheet with every question branded, then become an SPSS file to be able to run the measurement testing.

. Reliability of constructs

Since were using a study with multiple variables to get our info, the most beneficial measure of reliability (internal consistency) is Cronbach Alpha α. Therefore , we have submitted each observed adjustable of the each construct to reliability examination using SPSS and collected the leads to form Table 1 Table 1


Cronbach Leader α


0. 92


zero. 891


0. 861


zero. 92


0. 936


0. 923


0. 892


zero. 908


0. 928


zero. 928


0. 906

As demonstrated in Stand 1, Considering that the scale of reliability is usually 0. 7 and previously mentioned, therefore based upon the outcomes shown inside the table previously mentioned, each set of variables among each create of the accumulated data will be reliable and internally steady.

. Profile of Respondents

To distinguish the respondents' distribution based on Age, College or university status and GPA (grade point average) we have published each demographic construct in SPSS Rate of recurrence analysis, referred to in Figure 2, three or more, 4. Rate of recurrence analysis delivers statistics and graphical shows that are helpful for describing all different types of variables. This analysis is often used for your initial analysis of the data established. The visual frequency evaluation was used to interpret the Age, College Status, and GPA of the participants in Figures 1, 2, 3 beneath:

Since shown in Figure 1(refer to most with the respondents' a long time is between 21-25 years computing a percentage of 51. 7%, and then a percentage of 18. 3% for equally ranges; less than 20 years and 26-30 years. The remaining is usually divided between 6. seven percent and a few. 3% for 31-35 years and 36-40 years.

Figure 2 points out the distribution of the respondents' college position. The majority of the pupils were aged people, followed by freshmen computing twenty one. 7%, and the rest had been sophomore Junior and learn students.

Physique 3 shows the GRADE POINT AVERAGE of the participants:

51. seven percent of the respondents has a GPA greater than or perhaps = 3, while the least percentage is perfect for GPA lower than 2 . zero as 1 . 7%.

. Analysis

This section will make clear the different record techniques accustomed to test the...

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