Mis Test 1

 Mis Quiz 1 Exploration Paper

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one particular alternative that best finishes the statement or answers the question. 1) The failure of NASA's initial answer to preventing the area shuttle dropping foam demonstrates: 1) _______ A) the necessity to prepare for measuring outcomes of the business option. B) the necessity to quickly adjust to new technological innovations. C) the continuous characteristics of find solutions to problems.

D) the value of training workers on start up business processes.

2) In picking the best solution for the business issue, one of the most features of consideration is: 2) _______ A) outcome way of measuring. B) existing resources and skills. C) employee schooling. D) transform management.

3) Converting raw data right into a more important form is referred to as: 3) _______ A) recording. B) digesting. C) reviews. D) arranging.

4) The final step in the four-step model of business problem solving is usually: 4) _______ A) reviews. B) setup.

C) result. D) transform management.

5) Inadequate repository capacity is an example of the ________ aspect of business problems. 5) _______ A) management B) technology C) people D) organizational

6) Operations supervision as a self-control is immediately relevant to three occupational types: 6) _______ A) job managers, creation managers, and administrative service managers. B) industrial creation managers, operations analysts, and administrative service managers. C) project managers, production managers, and professional production managers. D) financing, accounting, and management.

7) Which in the following statements is not true? 7) _______ A) The most typical and effective offshore outsourced workers projects entail production development and program maintenance development work, along with customer service work. B) The fear that offshore outsourced workers will decrease demand for new information system hires inside the U. S i9000. is mitigated by the reality reduced THIS...

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