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QUIZ one particular

1 . Will you agree with the Mondavi family's decision to publicly list the company's shares? What are your significant concerns with how this could impact the company? What are the main benefits? installment payments on your How might you recommend Robert Mondavi respond to the market's current evaluation of the organization? What types of buyers are most likely to get interested in the company? How might you best target those investors? 3. What do you think would have led to the rapid fall in the share price?

1 .

Clearly for Mondavi, heading public is the only way to secure huge financing to get his business. However , the decision that Mondavi made to boost the scale of business is definitely debatable. While Mondavi could be conservative to remain on the same scale and try to increase organically, Mondavi can also be risk taking and gather money from the general public.

With regard to your wine market prospective customers, there are two sides of the argument which will favour and unfavor your wine market. It really is thus challenging to judge in the wine market aspects.

Ultimately it's the Mondavi's personal preference to adopt the riskier and higher reward decision.

2 .

Industry assessment of the company seems to value MOND to have a depressed future and worth significantly less than when it is 1st public giving. Reputable organization magazine, Forbes, look down on the prospects of MOND, which usually provide solid a strong cause of financial praise seeking investors not to invest in MOND. Most likely investor who also ultimately purchases MOND's shares and maintain, as observed from the low free share turnover after week six, are people who believes in the MOND's business vision.

BEGLEITER could relieve press in respond to convince the public the near future prospects of MOND. Intended for investors who also are still believer of the business should be up to date that the business will continue to grow because what it was promised and can not go through major reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling to produce a better financial survey.


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