Motorola Uwhen Training Becomes an Education

 Essay upon Motorola Uwhen Training Turns into an Education

Motorola U: When Schooling Becomes an Education

Gaurav Gupta Sunny Jaiswal

How Motorola's $ several million teaching budget started to be a money 120 mil annual expense in education

Change in the choice criteria

70's Are you willing to operate? 1980's Interaction skills

Are you experiencing good record for showing Computation expertise and issue up for job? solving capability Are you enthusiastic to function? Willing to operate against quality and outcome

Much of the workforce was illiterate

Training Pursuits

В— Dedicated to new equipment, technology and

team operate

В— MBA 4 weeks. В— MTEC, 1980


• Expand participative management • Improve merchandise quality 15 fold in 5 years.

Reasons for not Achieving the benefits

В— Workers were not willing to change. В— Assumption that individuals who need schooling will

subscribe voluntarily.

В— Self support material demonstrated ineffective. В— Training was considered esoteric by employees.

Training Pursuits ( Contd…

В— Fresh production plant in Chi town, 1985. В— Remedial fundamental education since skill teaching

Motorola Recognized.

В— Helpful education could possibly be better through

community educational institutions.

В— Chose to take hard look into additional skills

The Motorola College or university

В— Set up in 1989 В— Almost all of instructors inside the university weren't

regular professors but visiting professors.

В— Instructions had been tailor-made to meet the

one of a kind needs in the company.

В— Training was integrated with project setup,

rather than earlier it

В— Learning by Motorola had not been monotonous


В— Presented training to synergize employee

education with business objectives.

В— Annual performance reviews В— Person dignity entitlement program В— Heavily invested in employee training

program that other companies did not.

В— Motorola offered training to all its

employees via top management executives to factory workers


В— Helped personnel to achieve a specific level of...

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