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Angela's Ashes


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Angela's Ashes

by Frank McCourt

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Angela's Ashes

Conditions and Meanings

Autobiography - the relating of a person's life by that person. Case: The Life of Benjamin Franklin.

Coming of Age -- a story or additional work of literature where the main persona or characters grow, older, or understand the world in adult terms. Examples: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; The Cay

Comedian relief - the intrusion of wit interrupting or immediately following a scene of great excitement. Case in point: The drunken porter knocks at the door immediately after the killing of King Duncan in Macbeth.

Dialect -- a particular sort of speech utilized by members of just one specific group because of its location or class. Example: Jim, in Huckleberry Finn says, " Shet de carry out. '' [" Shut the door”. ]

Irony - a perception of inconsistency, at times humorous, where the significance and understanding of an argument or celebration is transformed by their context. Case in point: The firehouse burned down.

• Remarkable Irony - the audience or reader knows more of a character's scenario than the persona does and knows that the character's understanding is incorrect. Example: In Medea, Creon asks, " What atrocities could the girl commit in a single day? ” The reader, however , knows Medea will damage her as well as Creon's simply by day's end. • Strength Irony – the use of a naïve hero, whose incorrect perceptions differ from the reader's right ones. Example: Huck Finn.

• Spoken Irony - a discrepancy between precisely what is said and what is actually meant; whining. Example: A huge man in whose nickname is definitely " Little. ”

Memoir - an account of one percentage of a person's existence, as told by that individual; similar to an autobiography, nevertheless covering a compact time period. Example: Nixon's 6 Crises. Metaphor - a comparison of 2 things that are essentially dissimilar by which one is explained in terms of the other. Case in point: The celestial body overhead, a haunting lantern, shone through the atmosphere. Narrator -- the one who have tells the story. The narrator must not be mistaken for " publisher, ” the one who writes the story. If the narrator is actually a character in the book, the proper term is " firstperson liaison. ” Model: Moby Dick is narrated by Ishmael, a crewmember. If the narrator is not really a character available, the correct term is " third-person frequentation. ” Case: Sense and Sensibility.

Onomatopoeia - a word whose sound (the approach it is pronounced) imitates the meaning. Examples: " roar, ” " murmur, ” " tintinnabulation. ”

Viewpoint - the position or advantage point, dependant upon the author, from which the story appears to come to the reader. Both most common parts of view are First-person and Third-person. Good examples: First-person viewpoint occurs inside the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; the reader receives all information through Huck's eyes. An example of third-person point of view is Dickens' Hard Times, in which the narrator is not really a character in the book.

Simile - a comparison between two various things using both like or as. Cases: I was as hungry as a horse. The huge trees broke like twigs throughout the hurricane. Sign - a subject, person, or perhaps place that includes a meaning itself and that also stands for something bigger than itself, usually an idea or concept; several concrete factor which signifies an hysteria. Example: The sea could be emblematic for " the unknown. ” Considering that the sea is definitely something that can be physical and is seen by the reader, and in addition has components that cannot be...

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