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Term and standard Address in the Firm

Heavens Cable Tagum is located by Door several, Valle Bldg. Osmeña Street corner Nationwide Highway, Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines. Part of operation

Area of operations of Sky Wire are in Metro Manila (Sky Wire, Destiny Wire, Global Cable and Cable connection link); Angeles City, Pampanga (ACCTN); Pangasinan (USATV); San Jose delete Monte, Bulacan (SPC Cable); Laguna (Royal Cable, Telmarc Cable); Aklan and Classic (Kalibo Cable); Iloilo and Rizal (Cable Star Iloilo); Cagayan para Oro (Parasat Cable TV); Cebu Town (UniCable); Davao City (HCN); and Tagum City (Pilipino Cable). Nature of Organization operation

Sky Cable sell off their products just like SkyCable, SkyBroadband, SkyVoice, IWantV and and the like and they are also a service provider of cable television, broadband internet, VoIP, digital cable and more. Historical History

Since it started out community antenna television system operation inside the Philippines in January dua puluh enam, 1992, SkyCable provides cable Internet, Voice over ip services and digital cable TV service. Upon June six, 1990, SkyCable Corporation was incorporated by means of 79. 3% stake in Sky Eyesight Corporation, owner of cable connection brands, SkyCable and Sunshine Cable. About April 18, 1991, Skies Vision Company was included and endeavors into cable tv (SkyCable and Sun Cable), communication, system, television media, shopping network. It is owned 18. 8% by ABS-CBN Corporation and 78% by Lopez Incorporation. On 03 30, 1995, Central CATV Inc. was granted a 25-year interino franchise to determine, construct, maintain and operated community antenna television system in the Philippines through Republic Act 7969. In 1997, Sky Eye-sight Corporation bought 47% of Pilipino Cable Corp., user of Sunshine Cable for P900 million. In 97, SkyCable commences its first cable TV brand name credit card in the Philippines, the SkyCard Mastercard with SolidBank and the SkyCard-Citibank Mastercard with Citibank N. A. In 2001, Benpress Loge Inc. and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company signed a learn consolidation agreement for SkyCable Corporation to consolidate its interest. In July 2001, Unilink Communications Corp. agent of Residence Cable, Thailand second most significant cable TV firm, merged the CATV procedure to SkyCable and developed Beyond Cable connection Inc. with an business value of P14. five billion. Past Cable Incorporation. controls sixty six. 5% through Benpress Holdings Corp. and 33. five per cent through MediaQuest Holdings, Inc. In December 7, 2001, Further than Cable Loge Inc. was incorporated. In May 2011, Singaporean firm STT Communications Pte. Limited.  acquired 45 percent of SkyCable through Philippine Depositary Receipts well worth P3. 612 billion and P250 million of descapotable notes to finance the enlargement of SkyCable's broadband Internet and cable TV solutions. Vision

Skies Cable provides the best for his or her families simply by:

1 . Becoming the nationwide leader in video, voice-data.

2 . Becoming recognized intended for outstanding customer satisfaction.

3. Becoming an employer of choice.

4. To become publicly outlined, employee-owned organization.


Improving and beneficial the lives of Filipino families through communication, education and entertainment. Values

C – A – L – Um – Capital t + I

* Buyer Focus

* Accountability

5. Results Orientation

* Title

* Teamwork

* Honesty

Customer Target

Their organization exists because of the customers. That they know consumers, internal or external, the requirements and wants, and how place be fulfilled and satisfied. They review performance for the way best they have met their customers' requirements. Accountability

That they understand all their roles and responsibilities because individuals and members of a team. They may have performance targets and targets in the achievement of organization goals. Administration ensures that everyone takes answerability for daily decisions and actions to satisfy expected benefits. Results Positioning

They agree to...

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