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P2- Describe the primary employability, personal and connection skills needed when trying to get a specific job role

1 ) Describe how a following expertise are essential pertaining to the job role you have discovered a) Employability

a. E. g. the qualifications needed, the experience needed or that you possess that is related to the role, the knowledge that is necessary, or you have of products/services that the organization offers, the knowledge that is necessary or you have in that market, how effective you are at meeting personal and team/departmental targets plus the evidence you have of this b) Personal & communication

a. E. g. patience; a chance to work hard; to be able to work as component to a crew; good social skills; a chance to co-operate with others; discussion skills, e. g. in seeking agreements, resolving conflicts, agreeing objectives, agreeing budgets; interviewing abilities.

M2- Assess the importance of employability and personal abilities in the recruitment and retention of staff

Ensure you associate the under to your business in P1 & P2 consider how they may need to:

coordinate teams to meet targets?

monitor team performance?

Ensure their departments liaise with each other?

Determine the professional culture in the organisation? For example , how formal may this need to be? What incentives must be on offer? Just how should it inspire creativity and initiatives? Considercarefully what operations are carried out in-house, and which are outsourced? Consider the employability and personal skills that you just identified in P2 towards the organisation in order to selects fresh staff and attempts to keep existing personnel? Identify what problems can occur in case the above expertise were not deemed in the recruiting and retention of personnel?

Finally, give a good example of when the company has had to improve its staffing needs to meet their changing business demands.

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