OJT Manual

 Essay about OJT Manual


Wear Fabian St ., Commonwealth Method, Quezon Town




Shown by:

Olorvida, Irah U.

BBTE 2-1

Presented to:

Prof. Martha Grace I actually. Cruz

Drive 2014

Desk of Articles:




PART I: Program Description

Study course Objectives


History of PUP



Core Beliefs


COMPONENT III: Regarding the Company




Office Structure

Organizational Graph and or chart

PART 4: Office Schooling

Training Objectives

Endorsement Notification

Training Nota

Duties and Responsibilities

Concerns Encountered and Solutions Provided

PART NI: About the Trainee


Office Clothes

Daily Record / Everyday Tasks

Every week Tasks Checklist

PART VII: Attachments

Work Proficiency Rating

Daily Time Record

Period Card

Trainee's Identification Card


OJT Index

Photos in action and along with your Supervisors


I would like to dedicate my accomplishments and success to the Almighty The almighty for the numerous blessings He showered upon me, to my caring parents, Mr. Deolito Olorvida and Mrs. Dioleta Olorvida for their ethical and monetary supports, for the Department to build Official; Signboard and Programs Division for giving me the chance to discuss and devote my tips and learning earned in school, to my own Professor, Mrs. Mary Elegance Cruz intended for the direction that she gets given me personally, to the Polytechnic University with the Philippines, Quezon City Campus as my foundation in molding my abilities and knowledge, to my co-trainees who started to be part of my daily activities during my on-the-job training, and to my local freinds who were always there giving myself comforting phrases and tips to work hard.


The completion of this kind of manual could hardly have been conceivable without the participation and assistance of lots of people whose labels may not all be enumerated. Their contributions happen to be sincerely liked and gratefully acknowledged. Yet , I would like express my deep appreciation and indebtedness especially to the next:

First, for the Almighty Goodness for providing me the skills I need in order to survive chances that came within my way as well as for keeping me personally healthy to wake up within my daily life.

My children for the T. T. C. (Tender Loving Care) and support that they have presented me in the first day of my own OJT until the completion of my own practicum. Also, a big bless you to my close friends and classmates who have supported me during my training especially to the BBTE 2-1 (LC) family.

To our campus director, Professor. Pascualito B. Gatan and the remaining faculty members of our the majority of valued Animo matter, DOGGIE Quezon Town for the warm meet they presented upon myself. And of course, to my teacher, Mrs. Martha Grace Cruz for the patience and guidance that she has provided me. THANKS PO!

To my company and the associated with Department of Building Official; Ammenities and Signboard Division intended for the nice welcome they have given me especially to Engr. Joselito C. Arcaina, and Mrs. Jennifer A. Caspe.


On the job training course provides for you to go through the genuine methodologies of your specific job using the real tools, equipments, and documents. In effect, the effort place turns into a development venue for us scholar trainee for more information about our chosen field and practice whatever we have learn from academy. This manual is a summary statement of the trainee as well as the necessary information relating to with the course outline. The trainee described all her accomplishments in her training curriculum in the Section of Building Standard, Quezon Town Hall. To see the assessment of her training, the narrative daily reports of her training curriculum are also included. Regarding with all the trainee's paperwork and forms, the teachers intended to established a full...

Referrals: November 12, 2014

At my first day in my on-the-job training I actually am sooooo nervous yet really excited how seems like to focus on a real business office ground

The fall of 14, 2014

This is my own second day in the office, still feeling stressed yet content

November 21 years old, 2014

Ragam productive Thursday!!: ) I am sooo early today in the office

November 25, 2014

Time lures so quickly

November 21, 2014

Tues!! Today I use printed just 26 Site Inspection Reports

November twenty-eight, 2014

Laid back Thursday! We certainly have lots of actions yesterday in school that's why My spouse and i came past due in the office

Dec 2, 2014

Christmas!! It's the first Monday of Dec, as usual, I have printed Internet site Inspection Information, I likewise made sees, answer phone calls, and Sir

December a few, 2014

Frosty morning!! Brrrrr.

December 9, 10, 12, 2014

Irritating new, I recently printed Site Inspection Statement then submitted it after, Answer telephone calls, and produce a bundle of notices

12 , 16, 2014

Cold Monday!! I can smell the nature of Holiday: ) I actually pushed being productive today so I arrived early at the office and printing the Site Inspection Reports, Today Ate Manda taught myself how to encode the updates

December 18, 2014

Today is Wednesday and this is definitely our fifth week here in the Quezon City Area, honestly, My spouse and i am not in the feelings to do several office stuffs today trigger I am soooo thrilled for 12 months End Party tomorrow at school! XD Hehe

12 , 20, 2014

Thank The almighty It's Fri!!: ”> since it's Fri, supposedly My spouse and i am not around at the office but I had to because tomorrow may be the Christmas Party of our division

January on the lookout for, 2014

Returning to work!! after a loooooong Christmas break, We am at this point in the offic and I genuinely missed doing some office things

January 13, 14, sixteen, 2014

Absolutely nothing to do this week

January twenty, 2014

Landa Monday!! JP transferred in their school to stay his training their in the I. Big t Department

Januart 21-23, 2014

We don't have much operate today

January 30, 2014

Last week with the month! Seeing that we had a lot of activities in school, I are not inside the mood to accomplish some business office stuffs today

February 6, 2014

Lethargic Thursday! I used to be absent last Monday and Tuesday because of our observation in Field Study one particular

February 10, 11, 13, 2014

Coach anyone how to a looooong week! Hoho

February 18-20, 2014

Productive day! I have encoded 120pcs

February twenty four, 2014

Cold Monday! What I love many here in work is the aircondition! xD Hehe

February twenty-five, 2014

Today is Thursday! And Ma'am Jenny asked me to make the excavation permits

March 03, apr, & summer, 2014

Let's push to be productive in may! Hihi

Drive 10, 2013

It's been an extended fast week! Hoho

March 13, 2014

There's nothing to do this day

March 17, 2014

Ola Monday!! Sadly, this is will be my own last week throughout the office

Mar 20, 2014

Tomorrow is definitely the day!! XD I just solved the telephone calls and published the Site Inspection Reports today

March twenty one, 2014

This is my last day within Quezon City Hall since I have accomplished the 300 hours of my teaching

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