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PATIENT: Greggory, Terry Emily SURGERY NOT ANY: B1821 PRODUCT NO: 2 SEX: Farrenheit DATE: 04/0908 DOB/ AGE: 08/06/1956 (51) ANESTHESIA: General SURGEON: Gerald Bond, MD

Preoperative Prognosis: Recurrent kept inguinal hernia

Postoperative Analysis: Recurrent remaining inguinal hernia

Operative Techniques

Procedure: Repair of persistent left inguinal hernia with Ethicon fine mesh plug.

Method Description: The person was given a general anesthetic. She had SCDs on, that has been functional. Your woman was prepped and drapped in supine fashion. A skin incision was made in the left inguinal region. We all did not have got to previous cut. We merely went excellent and medial to this. All of us went down towards the external oblique and cleaned out it off. We then opened up the external oblique along the course of its fibers. We identified a good size roundabout inguinal hernia. The direct space truly was very well maintained. Then i was able to execute a high rapport of this moderate size kept indirect inguinal hernia. I then reduce this. I use mass media Ethicom prolene hernia program mesh connect. We placed it beneath the conjoined tendon and sutured the conjoined tendon superiorly. We sutured from conjoined tendon to the spherical part of the nylon uppers and then helped bring it back up. We do the same medially, making sure that we all stayed away from deep second-rate epigastric vessels and then we all went inferiorly down from your reflected part of the inguinal ligament. We then put the second part of the fine mesh down on the direct space. We sutured it to pubis medially,...

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