Osr for Madras Cements Limited

 Osr in Madras Cements Limited Essay

CHAPTER one particular

1 . one particular INTRODUCTION

Business is a sociable unit which is deliberately built and reconstructed to seek particular goals. A business comes into living when there are a number of people in conversation and relationship to each other and therefore are willing to contribute towards one common endeavour. The evolution of organization dates back to the early stages of individual civilization when two or more people began to work and incorporate together to get fulfilling their basic requires of food, clothing, shelter and protection of existence. Thus, a business is born when folks combine their efforts for some common purpose. It is a common truth that an individual is not able to fulfil his needs and desire only because he does not have strength, potential and solutions. So he seeks the cooperation of other people who discuss goals with him.

Definitions of Organization

Different creators have identified organization in several ways. The primary definitions of organization happen to be as follows: * According to Keith Davis, " Organization may be defined as a group of persons, large of small , that is cooperating beneath the direction of executive management in accomplishment of specific common subject. " 2. According to Chester I. Barnard, " Organization is actually a system of co-operative activities of two or more persons. " 5. According to Louis A. Allen, " Organization may be the process of determining and collection the work to be performed, identifying and delegating responsibility and authority, and establishing relationship for the purpose of allowing people to operate most effectively together in accomplishing goals. " 5. According to Mooney and Railey, " Organization may be the form of just about every human relationship for the attainment of the common purpose. "



Madras Cements (MCL) was established in 1957, is part of Ramco Group, a well known business band of South India. It is based at Chennai. The company may be the fifth greatest cement developer in the country. Ramco Super level is the most well-known cement manufacturer in Southern India.

The first herb of MCL at Ramasamy Raja Nagar, near Virudhunagar in Tamil Nadu commenced its development in 1962 with a capability of 2 hundred tons, applying wet process. In seventies, the plant switched over to more effective dry procedure. A second kiln was as well added to bring the total capacity to 12 lakh ton each year. The second opportunity of MCL is its Jayanthipuram herb near Vijayawada in A. P set up in 1987. The 16 lakh lot per annum plant employs the newest state of art technology.

In the year 99, MCL commissioned the most sophisticated Ready Mix Concrete Herb in Medavakkam in Southern Chennai. In 2002, a state-of-art Dried out Mortar flower was commissioned near Sriperumpudur, Tamilnadu which manufactures dry out mortar; bare cement based putty and floor tile fix compound. In 2150, MCL bought Gokul Cements situated in Mathod in Karnataka whose capability is six-hundred TPD. Like a eco-friendly organization, MCL set up the Ramco Winfarm in 1993 at Muppandal TN. This was and then wind farms in Poolavadi near Coimbatore in 1995 and Oothumalai in june 2006. The mixed capacity of these two come up with is about forty five MW.

The next venture of MCL is in Alathiyur in TN set up in 1997 and expanded simply by addition of another range in 2001. The 31 lac lot per annum herb is the most modern plant in the area.

Today Madras Cements Limited is not only probably the most respected concrete companies in the area but as well leads in giving the best return intended for the traders. With a cement capacity of 10. 49 million lots per annum, the company is the 6th largest developer of bare cement in India. It is also among the largest blowing wind energy suppliers in the country which has a capacity of 185. 59 MW.


The primary product of the company is usually Portland concrete manufactured through the five advanced...

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