Personal Affirmation

 Personal Affirmation Essay

College Acces Essays -- Advice for the Personal Declaration

In the application process, the personal statement marks an opportunity to lend a face for the

facts, through what can be a very flat colorless medium: conventional paper and ink. Do not, however , think

of the personal statement as a mini-autobiography, where the emphasis can be on record the facts in

date order. Instead, treat the noun upon equal equiparable with the qualificative; just as important as

the individual content of the essay can be its capacity to make a statement, to perform as an argument.

Generally speaking, to write down in this challenging genre--the personal statement--you have to find a

balance between your descriptive as well as the analytical. Get ways to extend out from your life

so that it talks to others, but do not let summary arguments supplant the specific fine detail that

lends authenticity to your beliefs. Narration, storytelling, example, and illustration are all

significant rhetorical strategies that help your readers view a face or perhaps picture a scene.

Choosing what to write about is definitely the first hard step, yet ultimately what will prove even more

essential is not really your handling of what but your focus on how and why. To put it briefly, the

personal declaration is not a statement with regards to your person; this can be a statement about how precisely you think

about your preparation, about your expected field, regarding events or perhaps theories another person

can interpret in a different way. This is where your voice also comes in: the committee reading the

statement wants to listen to you think aloud about your options.

The supreme challenge becomes this: Are you able to shape your daily life, your education, your patterns of

observation in an argument? The individual statement will need a combination of

vulnerability and editorial length, emotional risk and intellectual objectivity. What is going to secure

this combination is definitely 1) time spent pre-writing, brainstorming this content of the...

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