Pharmacology Final Exam Examine Guide

 Pharmacology Final Exam Analyze Guide Article


You should remember this can be about 1/4 of the pharmacology exam. It can be beneficial for one to practice measurements and/or review a medical math publication to help preparation. You may not include used every one of the calculation methods recently. Queries may include more than one type of computation. Tips:

1 . READ CAREFULLY. Always be be certain to know what the end result should be (mg, pills, ml, etc . ). This can help you ultimately choose the correct formula and eliminate unnecessary information. 2 . Dual (and triple) check genuine math. Would you very clear the calculator correctly? several. Does the response make sense?

4. There are the two adult and pediatric computations.

5. Observe ‘per dose', ‘per day'.

6. How you calculate the answer does not matter (desired over have, ratio: portion, etc . ); accuracy will. 2Common calculations include (but are not limited to): 1 . Kg to mg to mcg alteration (any which will way)


K L D Meters D C M - - mcg



(kilo – hecto – deca – meter – deci – centi – milli – skip – skip – micro) gram

2 . Dose calculations

a. Tablets

w. mg. to tablets

c. mg. to ml

d. units to ml

electronic. kg to ml

f. Half-life computation

g. IV rate calculation (hourly infusion rate) AND adjustment they would. IV level dosage computation (based on units every ml, etc . )

i actually. Macro- or micro-drop hoses

j. Calculating drops/minute (gtts/min)

Examples: (abbreviated to kind of question; test will add extra information) 1 . Include 5 mg tablets; purchased dose installment payments on your 5 magnesium. How many tablets will the nurse give? 2 . Include 2 mg/2 ml; order is 1 mg. Just how many milliliters will the health professional administer? 3. Prepare a 20 mEq dosage of a medicine. Available remedy is forty five mEq/10 milliliters. How many ml will be administered? Take note: calculation method is not distinct in good examples 1 -- 3, just the unit of measure (mg, units, mEq, etc . ). BE SURE AVAILABLE AND HAVE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME UNIT OF MEASURE. 4. Half-life conversion: Half-life is known to be 2 hours. What percentage will be left in the body after six several hours? 5. A person weighs in at 165 pounds....



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