Physics Lab Statement 8

 Physics Lab Report almost eight Essay

Physics Lab Report#8

" Solving Problem Involving Vector Addition”

Name: Fei Huo

Date performed: November 12, 2014

Period 5

Teacher: Mr. Glasel


The purpose of this kind of lab was going to solve conditions that involve the vector addition.


My classmates and I had been solving the equations by graphing them and/or to fix them algebraically. Each of the equations had weighing machines and we would be to use these kinds of scales for every question in graph conventional paper. Some in the event the questions didn't need to be solved by graphing but it was going to be solved algebraically.


1) First we were to fix numbers 1, 2, a few, 4, several, 8, and 9 graphically and mathematically. When fixing the problems graphically, use the size specified on each of your questions should be made in graph newspaper. 2) Second, we need a protractor incase if there was questions with angles which in turn it does possess in this lab. 3) Third, when resolving problems mathematically all the work has to be shown.


The purpose of this kind of lab was for my own classmates and me to find out how to solve problems including vector addition. I learned two new equations that are made just for inquiries for this and i also learn fresh methods for solving equations recommend as those that my classmates and I performed in class today. It looked like very hard nonetheless it becomes easy when the equations and formulas are described properly for you. A way to increase the lab is usually that the lab will need to supply students with graph paper mainly because not all college students might have graph paper or perhaps they have no enough. However the overall basic of this lab was fairly interesting.

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