Pinto Pm3 Ch01

 Pinto Pm3 Ch01 Dissertation

RESTE 393- Job


Teacher: Ed Vivienda

Eduardo. [email protected] edu

Planting season 2015

Required Text and Materials:

Project Management: Attaining

Competitive Benefits, 3rd Education. by M. Pinto Prentice-Hall.

Supplemental – not a necessity – Job

Management Institute (PMI) – A guide to the

Project Managing Body expertise

(PMBOK Guide) – sixth edition

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Aim and Items

 This program is designed to help students appreciate one of

the greatest challenge that organizations confront today – the successful and useful methods for implementing projects in organizations.

 It will present comprehensive overview of the skills necessary and problems to be experienced in managing projects in

organizations. �

 The course is usually divided into a series of major topic areas concerning different aspects of project administration.

 Task Selection

 Project Preparing and Initialization

 Task Organizing

 Project Managing and Control.

 Job Termination

Our goal is always to achieve a comprehensive understanding of

the complexities of Project Management in both

product design and services environments

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Your Course Grade Is Built via Four


Class Contribution & Groundwork -20 %

Team Project(s) – 30 percent

Midterm Examination – 25%

Final Exam or Daily news – twenty-five percent

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The emphasis will be for the development and

refinement of Project Supervision Plan for a

Product Development efforts

You will be part of a team that could:

Prepare the initiation documentation

Establish the Program Plan

(cost/schedule/technical/quality baselines)

Monitor and Control the Task

…And Let me throw standard roadblocks along the

way to keep you interested

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My Expectations of You

– This can be a very large class and as such, requires the


– You are required to attend course and participate in

the talks

– You are expected to " detachment " while you are here. –

No cellular pones, world wide web surfing and so forth

– You are expected to do a fair volume of studying

• Text message book

• Periodicals

• Web

– I will designate, read and grade Groundwork weekly

– I will use Case Research throughout

– For you Project, you are required to work in teams

and generate crew Project Managing Plan.

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The Expectations of Me

You should anticipate me to get knowledgeable upon

the discipline, beyond what can be read on text.

You should expect me to pay the material,

respond to your questions, force you to think

You should anticipate me to bring enthusiasm to

the subject subject

You ought to expect myself tough yet fair

You should expect me to help you laugh once

in a when and help you like the class

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 Task Management Institute – Job Management


 37 years expanding new products – primarily for the

Security and Space Markets

 Roles as Design Professional, System Integrator, Test and

Analysis Mgr., Key Program Professional, Program

Administrator, Director of Engineering, Representative of Operations,

General Manager, Sector Vp, Group VP for

Program Manager

 Now President of set up Consulting organization

 Constituent Professor – This session also teaching Product Development Supervision.


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Opening paragraphs










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Engineering – mainly Civil Designers


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