Pob Sample

 Pob Sample Essay

Brand: Roberta Blake

School: Attach Alvernia High school graduation

Subject: Guidelines of Organization

Teacher: Miss Robinson

Territory: Jamaica

Table of Content material



Aims and Objectives

Information of the Business

Justification of Location

Selection of Appropriate Time

Source of Fixed and Seed money

Roles from the Sole Trader

Types of Production

Level of Production

Quality Control Evaluate

Uses of Technology


Potential for Development

Government Rules

Ethical Concerns



The effective termination of the School Structured Assignment (SBA) would not have already been feasible with no cooperation and assistance of the number of individuals.

First, I would really prefer to give thanks to Miss Blair, my Concepts of Organization instructor help for helping me through this task.

Secondly, I wish to give thanks to my parents and also other family members intended for supporting over the time of research and lessening yard chores.

And last but not least thanks to Goodness for offering me the vigour and knowledge for completing this.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and the objectives of this project will be as follows:

• To receive an excellent grade in my final evaluation.

• To broaden my personal knowledge and also to get a better understanding in order to establish a business.

• To obtain a better understanding of business management that is the daily operations in which the world of business is involved.

Description of Business

Mystic Beauty Salon and Spa is known as a sole manager business which can be owned and operated simply by Miss Kenesha Gayle which will sells frizzy hair products such as braids, locks colourings, hair treatments, and more; it will also end up being selling products such as facial make-up, razor bump treatment, bath products, facial rinse, skin laser treatment and nail products including nail gloss, nail treatment options, nail stuff and fingernail extension. Mystic Beauty Salon and Spa may also be offering software program as:

вќ– Braiding

вќ– Rope Twist

вќ– Fasten Start Up

вќ– Lock Repair

вќ– Fasten Extension

вќ– Cornrow

вќ– Trim & Shave

вќ– Natural Fastening

вќ– Pores and skin Piercing

вќ– Massages (such as popular & frosty stone massage and lymphatic massage) вќ– Manicure and Pedicure

вќ– Nails Polymer

вќ– Eye Brown Shaving

This organization will be situated in Christiana, Stansted beside Tia's Flora Services Ltd. It will probably be opened coming from Mondays to Fridays in 8: 00am to 8: 30pm and on Saturdays from 7: 00am to 10: 00pm. Justification of Location

The location for Mystic Beauty salon and Spa is definitely promptly chosen. It will be situated in Christiana, Gatwick beside Tia's Flora Services Ltd. The reasons for this position is that it truly is cool, it is not compiled while using busy atmosphere, the source of one's which is needed is available, it is a relaxing site, there is no competition and it is a peaceful environment. It will be a fantastic location as the customers will be well satisfied; relaxed mainly because all the requirements are there to comfort and indulge there brain, body and soul. Number of Appropriate Time

At the organization one (1) of each individual will be employed, Board of Directors, General Manager, Asst. Manager, Legal Advisor, Admin, Head of Departments, Administrators and electronic (20-22) employees.

вќ– Members in the Board of Directors need to possess a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Command Management, General Management or Entrepreneurship with an experience of at least 5 years.

вќ– General manager need to possess at least a Master Level in Business Administration...

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