Project Pitch for Cwts

 Project Pitch for Cwts Essay

Clean and Green Sayre Road (Central Mindanao University)

Project Proponents:

I. Implementing Products

The Employing unit with the project is a Civic Wellbeing and Training Service (CWTS) of school 12 months 2012-2013.

2. Project Duration

The Duration of the task implementation will begin from the initially Saturday of January (January 5) until March sixteenth of the season 2013.

III. Objectives from the Project

• The task implementation aims to achieve cleanliness and beautification in the campus starting with the location selected.

• The job aims to encourage a clean and green community.

• The project should ensure environmental health and abundance through cooperative greeneration and preservation.

• The project aims to minimize environmental complications through cleanliness and planting.

IV. Project Description

a. Background

Because of the fast changes in the environment, there is a serious need to encourage order and sanitation starting with our own community. The area chosen is an area that must be weeded and grown with low growing plant life to avoid the threat of harmful pets or animals, dumping of waste that triggers flooding inside the university, environment for mosquitoes, and other conceivable situations that may pose being a problem for the maintenance of the health of the community. The region selected could be, with right materials and methods, converted into a site that may embody cleanliness and magnificence.

b. Justification

In health, one must not only focus on the person self although must also point a gaze into your environment. Order and neatness must also end up being evident in one's natural environment to promote not merely hygiene nevertheless also charm of one's community. The action of maintaining cleanliness will lessen the harm of diseases,...

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