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Proposition 30

Every year, the expenses for colleges rises significantly. Our education budget keeps getting lower by the large numbers. And we as students will be struggling for making ends meet just trying to wind up our university education. We should find a solution for this calamity. With Proposition 30, we might manage to make each of our first steps down the yellow brick road.

Currently, the student tuition fee is $46 a unit. Upon July twenty-eight, 2009, Chief of the servants Arnold Schwarzenegger signed AB2X (the education trailer invoice to the 2009-10 state budget), setting the community college registration fee to $26 per unit(1). This summer, it flower to $36 and the budget received reduced simply by $290 million(2). Who is aware what will happen the coming year if this bill won't get approved.

Let's focus on the bad information first. The most important thing on the average citizen's mind is the fact that California's state taxes will go up to 7. 5% from 7. 25%, a 3. 45% percentage increase from the current rate(3). That's not too bad considering one or two years again our florida sales tax was at an even higher premium at 8. 25%. It also raises fees for people in tax brackets of $250, 000 and higher. Which can be something to consider, but as a student, I feel that the wealthier population must help all of us in order to reestablish the economy and make this a prosperous nation again. As reasoning dictates: the more education a person receives, the better work they can acquire, the more funds they make, which will equals a lot more money which could contribute to our economy. Fit, what is the result of all these types of tax rises?

Well how exactly does $6 billion dollars sound! 78 billion pesos! a few. 7 billion dollars British Pounds! 480 billion dollars Japanese Yen! That sound's like a terrific number. Alas, the downside is the fact community college or university system would not receive everything money. Even though we would receive a cool $210 million to get our attempts. That may not really sound much, but which can be counted pertaining to an...

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