Proposal Debate - Mandating Premarital Counseling

 Proposal Argument - Mandating Premarital Counseling Essay

The state legislatures will need to make premarital counseling a requirement prior to the issuance of your marriage permit in an attempt to gain control of the escalating divorce rates in the united states, which are contributing to the many concerns we are viewing in the children who are by-products of the failed relationships. As Tanker F. Fagan and Robert Rector had written in their paper of The Effects of Divorce on America " each year, over one million American children suffer as their parents divorce. In addition, half of every children given birth to in wedlock this year will see their father and mother divorce ahead of reaching their very own eighteenth birthday” (1). This fact only should be cause of consideration. Society and political figures need to take a closer look at this crisis. However , should you be the type of person who thinks a person else's divorce doesn't influence you, you may want to think again. Although so many people feel that divorce is a solution for many marital complications, many identify, when they test it, that in every actuality it can be worse compared to the original issue. While many focus on the influences of divorce on children, perhaps they need to take a better look how the damaged children are affecting society. Studies show that children whose mother and father are divorced display more behavioral and emotional problems, and are also more likely to be involved in criminal offense. These kids also carry out more terribly in school, leading to lower having to pay jobs(Heise). The research by Fagan and Prior further claims that " families with children that have been not poor before divorce see their income drop as much as 40 percent” (1) inevitably pushing many of these people into lower income and seeking government assistance. This final result just brings about another issue facing world, the growing number of people that are wanting government financed, or more commonly known as tax dollar funded, assistance. Certainly a drop of 50% in income can be significant and does warrant support. However , premarital counseling really does lower the rate of divorce and might...

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