Red stripe Pajamaas

 Stripe Pajamaas Essay

•Chapters Eleven to Fifteen

•According to Bruno, why was your Fury irritating? (page 122)

•Why did Bruno's father and mother argue after their meal guests kept? (page 124) •How truly does Bruno's arrival at Out-With differ from Shmuel's arrival? (page 130) •Why does Accigliato decide to never share the news about his new friend with his friends and family? (page 133) •What is definitely Maria's faith? How do you find out? (page 137)

•Describe Bruno's personality? How can he alter from the beginning of the storyplot to this point? •What does Shmuel want to do when he grows up? (page 139) •Bruno claims his father is among the good troops. Why is his statement sarcastic? (page 140) •How truly does Shmuel understand Lieutenant Kotler? (page 141)

•How does Bruno show he is naïve about Out-With? (page 141) •Why does Mother inquire Bruno not to use the expression ‘hate'? (page 143) •Why did Lieutenant Kotler's daddy leave Philippines? Why is this news surprising to Dad? (page 145) •What did Lieutenant Kotler do to Pavel? For what reason didn't anyone help Pavel? •Why does Bruno desire Shmuel to crawl underneath the fence? (page 150) •Why does Marrone try to cover up mentioning Shmuel to his sister? (page 154) •How did Marrone deceive his sister about Shmuel? (page 156) •How does referring to Shmuel impact Bruno? (page 158)

•Why does Gretel make fun of Marrone? How is her jest ironic? (page 159) •What were a number of Bruno's factors behind not preference Lieutenant Kotler? (page 162-163) •Why is usually Shmuel with the food prep? How did he get there? (page 166) •How will be Bruno's hands and Shmuel's hands several? Why is this significant? (page 167) •Why is Shmuel afraid to have the food Accigliato has presented? (page 170) •Why didn't Bruno speak up to defend Shmuel? (page 171) •What does Marrone say that finally wins Shmuel's acceptance? How can Shmuel present he forgives his good friend? (page 175) •Chapters Sixteen to Twenty

• How come Bruno go back to Berlin? (page 176)

•Why was Daddy sad? (page 177)

•Why would Granny be raise red flags to about the wreath in the Fury?...

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