Rogers Sweets Case Study (Internal/External Analysis)

 Rogers Chocolate Case Study InternalExternal Analysis Composition

Roger's Sweets

Table of Contents

Exterior Analysis 3

A. Main Economic Characteristics 3

M. Five Pressure Analysis six

C. Generating Forces on the lookout for

G. Strategic Group Map11

At the. Key Accomplishment Factors12

N. Overall Charm of the Industry13

Internal Analysis14

A. Identification of Organization Strategy14

W. Financial Analysis16

C. SWOT Analysis19

G. Competitive Strength Analysis22

Check of Successful Strategy23

A. Fit Test23

B. Competitive Advantage Test24

C. Overall performance Test25

D. Summary of Tests of Winning Strategy26

E. Identification of Tactical Issues27


A. Revenues/Expenses Projections30

W. Internet Summary30

External Evaluation

A. Key Economic Features

Chief economic characteristics| Com*| PP*| Perspective of industry's insiders| Perspective of industry's outsiders| Perspective ofCompany| Market size: Small , $167 million in 2006| (+)| (-)| Prevents outsiders from entrance due to fear of competition| Larger markets are more attractive| Inhibits outsiders from entrance due to anxiety about competition| Market growth price: Was falling, now is growing again. 20% total annual growth rate in premium chocolates, 2% overall progress rate in the Canadian market| (-)| (+)| Growth permits more in order to gain market share| Growth is certainly not significant enough to be extremely attractive| Growth in high grade industry allows ability intended for increase profitability| Scope of rivalry: Wide; many community and countrywide rivals, intercontinental rivals strong| (+)| (-)| Tough to take on many different sellers| Many specific niche market opportunities| Moving over from classic strategies might be a problem| Number of rivalries: Many; solid regional brands and a few significant players. | (+)| (-)| Intense competition decreases opportunity for profit| Hard to end up getting premium industry| Hard to compete with bigger sellers with increased attractive marketing| Product difference: Moderate, product qualities usually are as important as advertising techniques and brand image| (+)| (-)| Becomes hard for a firm to stay for the leading edge through solely its product quality| Able to analyze from an outside perspective to find what firms aren't capitalizing on| Turns into tough for any company to stay on the top rated through exclusively its item quality| Inexpensive – reduced price: Specialty markets allow for better price variability; serving wealthy customers whom aren't as cost sensitive| (-)| (+)| Allows place for over head and marketing costs| Makes entry hard; undercutting opposing team prices will not be successful| Enables room to get change in strategy because selling price isn't because a concern| Buyer's requirements & Volume of Buyers: Somewhat few buyers, changing requires (healthy, green options)| (+)| (-)| Demands constant reevaluation of strategies in a changing market| Could possibly jump in in advance to meet a fresh customer choice or client trend| Demands constant reevaluation of approaches in a changing market| Top to bottom Integration: Moderate| (-)| (+)| Vertical the usage could lead to expense efficiency and higher revenue margins| Low integration signifies that an entrant doesn't must be integrated to succeed| Vertical integration could lead to cost efficiency and larger profit margins| Learning and experience effects: Not almost as important as marketing techniques and product packaging| (-)| (+)| Leaves potential threats open up for inferior with great advertising to adopt over high quality| Much less extensive expertise necessary to be able to succeed| Could possibly be taken over simply by changes in customer trends; top quality and information not as important because image| Capital investment(High, Medium, Low): Moderate; small market, however ,...

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