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Science C. A. T Year being unfaithful 2014 Advanced by Sara Hamilton 9H

Testing Vinegar – Chemical p Base Titration


The purpose of this functional experiment was to pair up and measure the concentration in the acid in three diverse brands of vinegar. We added a base liquid, to the three different sorts of vinegar until a neutralization reaction occurred. We done the research using the titration method.


My hypothesis is that the vinegar that could have the maximum acidic level will be Cornwell's because it is reputed for being clear of artificial shades, flavours and preservatives.







3 different designs of vinegar

Salt Hydroxide

Phenolphthalein Indicator

Safety Glasses


1 . Placed on safety spectacles and collect all components needed.

2 . Ask a teacher to pour Salt Hydroxide into the burette. Guarantee the initial browsing is at 0mL 3. Utilizing a pipette, assess 5mL of the brand of white vinegar you will be assessment and serve it into the beaker. four. Add 3 drops of Phenolphthalein Indicator to the white vinegar. This will suggest the colour change. 5. Little by little open the faucet to the burette and drop by drop, add the Sodium Hydroxide on your vinegar, slowly and gradually swirling this as you go. 6. Continue adding the Salt Hydroxide till a colour change occurs. Turn the tap closed and record the burettes reading showing how much Sodium Hydroxide you used. six. Repeat actions 1-7, 3 times for each in the three designs of vinegar. almost 8. Once you have noted each model of vinegar, clean up your work region and put aside the elements.


Determine a neutralization reaction including the word formula for the response performed from this CAT.

Neutralization is every time a chemical reaction happens as a great acid and a base communicate, which then varieties salt and water.

White vinegar (acetic acid) + Salt Hydroxide sama dengan water & salt.

Identify the amount of acid and bottom in the experiment.

The acids in this experiment...

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