Serbia Travel and leisure Report

 Serbia Travel and leisure Report Dissertation

Serbia Travel Report

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1 . Launch and basic information installment payments on your Climate three or more. Historical development 4. Type and volume of tourists visiting Serbia a few. Tourism potential 6. Tourism and seasonality 7. Economic crisis and influence of tourism on economy 8. Environmentally friendly tourism being unfaithful. Accommodation services 10. Transport 11. Safety and security 12. Major events and attractions 13. Conclusion

Basic information

Serbia is located in the crossroads of central and southeast The european union and edges with the countries of Miscuglio, Romania, Getaway, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania through Kosovo. The total area of Serbia is definitely 88, 361 km2. The administrative centre of Serbia is Belgrade with the human population of 1. six million persons. The population from the whole Serbia totals to 9. your five million citizens with the standard language Serbian, and key religion while Christian Orthodox. There is occurrence of additional religions such as Islamic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and also other. The main money is Dinar (" On the spot", in. d. ).


The climate of Serbia is continental and has very sluggish transitions with regards to temperature involving the seasons over the year (" Position, pain relief and climate", n. d. ). Due to continental environment Serbia around receives 896 mm of rain each year throughout the nation. The amount of sunlight in the country equates to from 1500 - 2200 hours annually. With popular summers and relatively cool winters Serbia manages to have an average total annual temperature of 10. on the lookout for В°C pertaining to areas which can be 300 m above marine level and 10 В°C in the range between 300 to 500 m. In the pile regions which in turn spread from 1000 m and above the temperatures can certainly drop under zero. The coldest month over the year is January with a normal temperature of 6 В°C throughout the nation. January has the greatest sum of times which are covered in snow, around 30 to 40% of the annual snow fall occur during that period of time. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Serbia occurred in 85 in the community called PeЕЎter Plateau and equaled to -39. 5 В°C. The latest month within the year is July containing an average heat between 10 and twenty two В°C nationwide. The warmest temperature ever before, was recorded in Smederevska Palanka in the year 3 years ago and this reached forty-four. 9 В°C (" Facts", 2011).

Resource (Serbia Environment Graph 2008 - 2011)

Historical Development

Since Serbia changed it is government and membership, because they are a part of Yugoslavia, later on Serbia and Montenegro and eventually Serbia, it is quite challenging to point out just how tourism produced and wherever. Being a member of Yugoslavia since 1929 which later on broke down in to small countries in the year of 1991, Serbia acquired many places to offer. In the Adriatic ocean and its sea side, that was shared between Croatia – biggest portion, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the amazing rural areas which all of

the countries were full of (" What is former Yugoslavia", n. d.; " Check out the history of Serbia", and. d. ).

Source (International Criminal Cortege for the previous Yugoslavia) There exists certain data to be found in terms of exploiting and converting countryside areas into Spa and Wellness centers. Especially following your Second World War following 1960's day spa tourism in Serbia started developing with the fast charge. During that period almost 60 per cent of the hot tub lodging capability was built. Furthermore all those existing resorts were taken under reconstruction and modernization as an investment in the 1980's (Armenski, Blesic, Dragin, Djeri, n. m. ).

In the year of 1980's Serbia used to be one of the main tourist destinations in Balkan with almost 12 million right away stays from where around 1 . 5 mil were tourists per year. Serbia's capital Belgrade during that time was accommodating almost 2 . a couple of million over night guests per year. With the break-up of the previous Yugoslavia and the side-effects, such as calamite,...

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