Social Background: Would it Influence Mature Travellers Ranking of Hotel Attributes

 Essay about Cultural Background: Does It Effect Mature Tourists Rating of Hotel Attributes



The mature traveler segment offers huge potential as they generally have more spare time and fewer demands issues available cash flow than young travelers; consequently understanding their demands and desires is very important. The present study is exploring the impact of cultural background upon fully developed age travelers' evaluation of 35 hotel attributes provided in a self-administered questionnaire. A survey of 245 intercontinental mature travelers (aged above 55 years and from countries with American and Asian cultural heritage) was implemented in the abfertigung area of Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The findings show which the attribute of cleanliness rates high highest among important characteristics while enjoyment facilities get ranking relatively low by both groups of adult travelers. Curiously neither group ranked accommodations aimed especially for seniors since an important characteristic. The study shows a strong correlation between fully developed travelers in the range of appealing of resort attributes with few conditions, irrespective of cultural background.

Keywords: culture; resort attributes; fully developed travelers; travel and leisure


You will find substantial costs involved with investments in the hotel industry, at the physical properties plus the marketing of the associated businesses. Therefore , checking out which services and providers travelers enjoy assist all those in the lodge industry in better allocating resources. Quality in the design of physical services and businesses can benefit almost all age categories in various lifestyle. 1 This runs specifically true for people of the travel industry, starting from private companies to government tourism regulators, from individuals to major companies. The competition within the international holiday industry can be increasing, therefore participants must plan and direct their very own marketing to target specific groups of incoming tourists from different ethnical backgrounds. An essential sector to concentrate upon will be mature travelers, firstly since their numbers are raising substantially, such as statistics given by the Tourism Authority of Thailand assessing the number of older travellers going to Thailand in 1998 and 3 years ago show; Korea increased by 552%; Asia 160%; India 450%; Sydney 234%; USA 216%. two Therefore , a comprehension of the effects of cultural values in service provision3 as well as lodge facilities is an increasingly crucial consideration through this sector, especially in countries with a significant economic reliance on travel (e. g. Thailand). To be able to successfully marketplace to any market segment it can be first important to understand the crucial expectations and desires of the segment. 5

The ethnicities of Parts of asia are different from those of Western countries, therefore understanding the differences among Asian and Western vacationers, in terms of their particular evaluation in the importance of resort services and facilities is imperative pertaining to hotel employees. In recent years numerous studies analyze the impact that cultural history has on assistance provision objectives in the motel and tourism context. Mattila5 suggests that Asians focus after the importance of private service while Westerners rate items relevant to enjoyment and pleasure to be more important. It should be noted that this analyze specifically is exploring the services evaluation of business travelers in a luxury hotel setting. There are fairly few studies of the motel attributes deemed important simply by mature travelers6, and the writer has not located any that specifically investigate differences because of cultural history.

This analyze fills a knowledge gap in this area by evaluating the differences among the list of hotel characteristics considered essential by adult travelers with Western and Asian social backgrounds. To be able to identify the hotel attributes considered significant by these...

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