socio anthro Filipino Education during pre the spanish language

 socio anthro Philippine Education during pre spanish Composition



Urdaneta City, Pangasinan

THEME: Philippine Education during the Pre- Spanish and Spanish Period DISCUSSANT: Karen Cristina V. Antonio

SUBJECT: Asociado Anthropology Foundations of Education

PROFESSOR: Doctor Corazon Mipalar

Philippine Education during the Pre- Spanish Period

Education in the Philippines started out early settlers to the present. Education in the country is within great importance because it is the main avenue pertaining to upward social an economic freedom. Philippine educational system has a very profound history in the past by which it has been through several stage of expansion going to the present system of education.


The education of Pre- Spanish time in the Israel was informal and unstructured. There was zero formal education.

Education was oral, useful and hands- on.

Education was still decentralized.

The training of Pre- Hispanic Filipinos was in shape for the needs of their times. Kids were presented more business training but lesser teachers, which were went by their parents or by their tribal instructors. They applied a unique system of writing known as the baybayin.

The purpose of education during their time was for survival. The fathers taught their sons how to search for food and other means of sustenance. Fathers trained males on hunting pets, fishing, culture and other financial activities. The mothers trained their ladies to do the household chores.

Their education basically ready their children to be good husband and wives.


Father and mother trained youngsters informally.

Mothers informed their woman children in housekeeping, weaving, basket- producing and other agriculture- related activities. Fathers qualified their man children in hunting, carpentry, agriculture, shipbuilding and exploration. Skills taught would vary on their sectors and spots, i. at the. whether highland, lowlands or along seashores.

Writing System

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