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 research about ptcl Article

Does Privatization Affect Overall performance?

Muhammad Fahad Siddiqi∗, Muhammad Nouman∗∗ &

Ashfaq Ahmad∗∗∗


The ownership framework (Private or Public) has strong impact on firm's economical performance. Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) was privatized in 2005. This research study

investigates the impact of privatization within the company's

financial performance plus the performance of its inventory. The

parameters " Net Profit Perimeter (NPM)”, " Operating Income Margin (OPM)”, " Returning on Resources (ROA)” and " Revenue per Reveal (EPS)” are used as proxies for financial

performance. On the other hand, the variables " Average Share price (ASP)”, " Volume of shares traded (Vol)”, and " Number of Investments (NoT)” are used as proxies for functionality of inventory. The paired-samples t check for imply difference has become used

intended for comparing the pre and post privatization performance.

Benefits indicate unfavorable but insignificant effect of

privatization on return. On the other hand, the standard Share cost, Volume of stocks and shares traded, and Number of Trades are

absolutely and drastically affected. Research of the economical data reveals decline inside the net earnings margin, operating profit margins, go back on resources and income per discuss after the

privatization; but the influence is minor for all the

variables except the operating income margin.

Keywords: Privatization, Monetary performance, Stock performance.


Telecommunication performs a vital role in the economic progress any nation. The ownership structure (Private or Public) has good impact on the firm economic performance. Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) was privatized in 2005. As a result of privatization of ∗

Muhammad Fahad Siddiqi. Lecturer, Start of Organization and Managing Sciences (IBMS), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural University or college, Peshawar ∗∗

Muhammad Nouman, Lecturer, Start of Organization and Management Sciences (IBMS), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural College or university, Peshawar. Email: [email protected] com


Ashfaq Ahmad. MS Student, Start of Organization and Administration Sciences (IBMS), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural University or college Peshawar

Fahad, Nouman & Ashfaq

Truly does Privatization Affect Performance?

PTCL overall economic performance plus the share rates of the PTCL became unpredictable. This study focuses on the dynamic areas of privatization.

Backdrop of the Analyze

As privatization is a global phenomenon, Far eastern Europe and Russia have got started moving their economies from state ownership to promote based system in early 1990's. Such critical restructuring was not attempted previously. The current view of analysts regarding privatization is very real; they argue that privatization need to take place prior to firms will be restructured (Blanchard, Dornbusch, Krugman & High seasons, 1991).

Two arguments support the fast restructuring. Initial, consultants consider that the fast privatization improves a politics, social and economic trouble which comes due to deficit in management of corporate governance. Second, prevalent motive of presidency is to generate revenue, and privatizing organizations are the reasonable system to improve funds (Lipton and Sachs, 1990). To get private owners instead of condition owners means effective and efficient overall economy and quickly dealing with the house rights (Roland, 1994). Newbery (1991) concluded that the major problem of privatization comes as a result of monopolies available in the market; therefore , government authorities have to shatter the monopolies before privatization. According to Roland (1994) privatization is a slow and gradual procedure in to improve political complications and conceivable backlash. While, Summers (1994) believes that due to unproductive rules and regulations of state-owned companies industries and institutional concerns in the countries exist.

Privatization is the key factor that enables market segments to function properly and appropriately. According to Megginson & Kurzer (2001) by last two years most countries of the...

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