Summer Vication

 Essay upon Summer Vication

Rahat Ali Siddiqui[pic]

Talk about – Smooth # 115, shahfaisal plaza, north naziamabad, Karachi. Portable: 0347-2504395


COTTON DISPOSITION TEXTILE PVT LTD Asst Procurement Manager (Manufacturer and exporter of Home Textile & Terry Products) By 2013- to till Reporting to: C. E. O & C. F. To


Results-oriented, extremely productive purchase management specialist with a shown ability to substantially reduce purchase costs simply by standardizing processes, negotiating beneficial terms and streamlining distributor channels. Technological skills include Word, Surpass, PowerPoint and SAP. Exemplary relationship building and solving problems skills that foster merchant trust and dependability.

❑ Purchasing item & no product item.

❑ Buy all product packaging & stitching accessories program wise. ❑ Discus most terms & conditions with new sellers.

❑ To generate purchase order in SCM program.

❑ Check the consumption of required item to get specific work order. ❑ Develop the sample of packaging accessories as per client's requirements. ❑ To follow up the order till goods received in store. ❑ Taking estimates from several suppliers and making record for approval from committee or movie director.

COTTON DISPOSITION TEXTILE PVT LTD. RETAIL OUTLET MANAGER (Manufacturer and vendre of Residence Textile & Terry Products) Dec 2011- to Jan 2013 Reporting to: C. F. To

❑ Look after wool store, equipment & general store. ❑ Daily inventory of issuance & acquiring accessories in SCM Computer software. ❑ Preserve invoice & send to accounts office month smart. ❑ Deal with all kinds of issues related to shop.

❑ Literally stock record of examine department in monthly basis. ❑ Monitoring Yarn getting back together (weaver sensible & Buy wise)....

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