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September 15, 2014



SUBJECT: Brett and Kathy

Diamond: Issues

Omfattande and Kathy's filing position used to become married, processing jointly. Although both of Brett and Kathy want to get divorce, they have not really divorced considering financial pressure and their three children. By 2014, Omfattande begins to bring about more than Kathy do to aid the home and the children. As well they want to document income tax results separately. Hence Brett feels he can state head of household filing status.

Concerns: Is Brett qualified as head of household? Can Brett and Kathy data file tax cash flow separately? What is the most appropriate processing status pertaining to Brett and Kathy?

Under code section §2(b)(1), a taxpayer is eligible for mind of a home filing status " if, and only in the event that, such individual is not really married in the close of his taxable year”. Code section §2(b)(2)(A) provides that an individual who is not hitched must obtain a decree of divorce or perhaps separate repair and independent from his or her spouse. Based on the affirmation of Brett and Kathy, they do not divorce and still live together. Though Brett and Kathy have got contemplated getting a divorce, they are still recorded as married couples status. Thus Brett and Kathy are not qualified to get head of household since they are still married at the end of 2014.

In the case LARAIA sixth is v. US., Cite as 13 AFER second 1106 (232 F. Supp. 602), (DC-MA), the individual claimed to obtain the status of head of household. The plaintiff received divorced together with his wife in 1958 yet he lived apart from his wife and children prior to 1957 since his sales business. And so the commissioner would not allow his head of household status on the ground that he would not live together with his children. Finally, the courtroom supported the plaintiff of his situation because his special divorce situation and he existed with his kids since 1958. The plaintiff was competent as brain of home in the case because he was divorced, paid higher than a half...

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