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You're in an AP History school and you have a DBQ essay coming up. No longer panic! Provided that you've recently been (mostly) focusing in class and read these steps, you'll work just fine.


Prewriting for your DBQ Essay

1Know that you will be presented 15 minutes to learn the fast, analyze the documents, is to do any prewriting. When individuals 15 minutes are up, it is time to begin composing. This section addresses those a quarter-hour.

2Read the prompt. Determine what sort of data you will have to locate in the documents based on the prompt problem. Always circle or underline the specific culture (or societies) being mentioned, the time period, and the key principles (like economical or ethnical problems) which can be mentioned in the prompt. DBQ essays can ask you to do one of the following:[1]

Prompt you: Analyze the extent where a historic stereotype is true for a provided period or concept. Case: Analyze the extent to which the Suffragettes were depicted as manly, uncivilized girls during the 1890's to the 1920's. Prompt two: Analyze multiple reasons that cause a particular movement to develop. Example: Analyze the reasons that the Progressive Activity gained momentum during the 1890's to the 1920's in the United States. Fast 3: Compare differing behaviour toward an idea or coverage. Example: Compare and contrast the varying attitudes toward women's rights in America by 1890 to 1920. Immediate 4: Analyze the degree of real truth in a particular statement. Have a stance for the statement. Example: Analyze the degree of truth inside the statement: Can certainly rights had been a major section of the Progressive Time in America in the 1890's to the 1920's. Fast 5: Evaluate the impact of the event or concept about some element of American culture. Example: Analyze the impact with the Progressive time on American society inside the 1890's towards the 1920's. Fast 6: Examine the comparable importance of a certain factor or perhaps factors with an event or perhaps concept.[2]Example: Examine the importance of women's roles in WWI to the passing of the nineteenth Amendment in 1920.[3] 3Think about what outdoors information about the communities, time period, or perhaps theme, come to mind. This should always be information you learned in the lecture or learned about in your book. This exterior information can make up the majority of your article. You should use the documents presented to support this outside details. Outside data can be events in history, styles you have analyzed about the particular time period you are talking about, movements, persons, etc . List the relevant exterior information on some scratch newspaper.[4] Example for just about any of the prompts listed above: Take into account the major goals of the Modern era (such as improved health and basic safety codes in factories, constraining child labor etc . ), the personal and economic system of the time (such while WWI, the rise of unions, as well as the monopoly of major males such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, and so forth ) 4Determine your judgment or perspective on the fast. Is there a certain answer that jumps out at you? Model: What sticks out about the Progressive time? What do you think about woman's guard suffrage? 5Formulate a sensitive thesis before you look on the documents. By doing this, you will more quickly be able to figure out how each document will squeeze into your essay. Here are case in point theses for every single prompt in the above list: Prompt 1: Suffragettes were seen as unpatriotic, unfeminine females by those who opposed the idea of women obtaining the right to election during the 1890's to 1920 in the United States. Fast 2: The Progressive motion gained impetus in the 1890's to 1920's because many American citizens were appalled by the living conditions of the poor plus the economic climate in which trusts dominated the major sources of income in America. Quick...

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