Sample of proposal

 Essay in Sample of proposal

I. Professional Summary

The proposal presents an educational program made for the children victimized by the Storm Yolanda that hit the Philippines, especially Leyte and Samar recently. The items of this pitch are the goal, scope, price range, strengths, disadvantages, opportunities, and threats of the suggested job.

2. Introduction

A. Purpose

The key objective on this project is to be able to give the children made their victim by the Hurricane Yolanda inside the Philippines especially in Samar and Leyte not simply hopes to a bright foreseeable future, but also knowledge every person should have. The group thought of the " Service pertaining to Education” software to be able to help the victims and their families. This can be a program that both parents and children will gain advantage to.

B. Issue

With the new calamities the Philippines happen to be facing because of the earthquakes and typhoons, the houses, schools, and commercial areas were significantly affected. Your children stopped gonna schools as a result of broken sessions or sessions used for expulsion centers. The group advises a project that will give a solution to both parents and their children.

The project named " Service for Education” is a drive to bring the kids back to institution while the mother and father are doing community service in exchange. In these kinds of way you will see a provide and take relationship between government as well as the victims. The fogeys will help the federal government rebuild the areas greatly afflicted with the disasters and their children will be given proper education in return.

C. Opportunity

The project the group is advises limits only to the patients of Typhoon Yolanda inside the Visayas Area as such Leyte, Samar, Cebu, and other more. The duration of the project the group suggested is wonderful for a short period of time, particularly good for a 3 to several months. The group's pitch is also restricted to the number of students the program can easily accommodate and the educational supplies that can be used...

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