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Can banning advertisements that showcase junk food to kids support cure weight problems?

It's a step in the right course according to experts from your University of Alberta.

" Restricting advertising is not going to certainly be a cure pertaining to childhood weight problems, but really one step in a multi-pronged approach to creating an environment in which the healthy options are the easy choice, ” Ellie Raine, a professor inside the School of Public Health in University of Alberta, said in a pr release.

While you can argue that it's up to father and mother to guide their children within a healthy way, researchers declare junk food advertising are shorting their work.

" At the moment, it's the flashy, highly advertised, ‘fun, ' high-sugar and high-fat foods that are the easy choice. Kids see these people and wish them, and parents' work to motivate their kids to eat a healthy diet are undermined, ” says Raine.

The research, which is published inside the Journal of Public Health, was undertaken simply by obesity professionals around the world.

" To shield children from your adverse well being effects of contact with commercial marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks, ” the study's authors wrote. " We advise a Canadian (federal) government-led national regulating system prohibiting all business marketing of foods and beverages to children underneath 18 years of age. ”

The consensus?

Prevention efforts are essential if we hope to put a stop to the growing incidence of obesity and chronic disease.

What do you believe? Should unhealthy food ads end up being banned canada? Do you think a ban would support put a stop to the obesity outbreak?

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