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Describe the primary causes of the Eureka stockade and Discuss the short term and permanent results of the event.

Simply by Madeline Heawood

Society & History 2012

Mrs Vickers

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The Eureka Stockade has to be one of the main situations of Australian History. In Sunday the next of 12 , 1854, twenty two diggers and 5 soldiers were killed in a battle lasting only 20 minutes known as the Eureka Stockade. The main causes of this kind of battle was due to the rare metal diggers opposition the Governments miners permit, which was a good way for the Government to make funds on Rare metal via fees. The fatality of Adam Scobie a Scottish Platinum digger also contributed to the Eureka Stockade due to the not enough evidence against his murderers. The miners felt that justice has not been served. The short term results were based around Peter Laylor and his involvement in the fight. The long term results were all about the freedom of everyday people and a far more democratic Down under.

The causes of the Eureka Stockade in 1854 were a key component factors from the Gold run period. The Victorian Authorities passed law that anybody wanting to drill down for Precious metal had to be certified at an expense of 40 shillings a month. The digger was after that given only a small amount of property to job. Non Uk diggers permit were for a cost of 60 shillings per month. Diggers then began working together as a means of reducing license costs. Many diggers who could not afford permits were eventually caught by the gold committee and as a consequence had their very own equipment and huts demolished. Some of them were fined and sent to prison. The licenses were lowered to twelve shillings for everyone in 1853 after some protests episode. James Scobie's Murder was also a main cause.

The murder of James Scobie occurred about October six 1854 if he burst into a pub after hours demanding a glass or two. An inquest was held that afternoon as well as the hotel keeper, James Bentley denied...

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" The Eureka flag is thought to have already been designed by a Canadian miner whose surname was Ross. The stars signify the The southern part of Cross as well as the white mix is a symbol of unity... signifying unity under the The southern area of Cross. The initial is on display in a Ballarat museum. ”

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