The Four Step Control Procedure

 The Four Step Control Process Essay

The Four Stage Control Method

CM 220: College Formula II

Professor John Electronic Ribar, MUM, M. Phil cannella

October 30, 2012

How can Lei apply the four step control process?

In order for Lei to correctly apply the four step control process she will have to have an extensive handbook. The lady may think of looking into the other companies list in their handbook just to get a thought. Then after going over what she demands she can be back and check out it. Almost all rules have to be stated even if they sound like they are foolish. She should certainly then have got a perfection look over that for areas that need to be completed.

Following making the handbook the lady can go on to the first step which is to make a list that will be the standard contact form for critiquing her personnel. She must have stated what she desires from them. The girl can content it because goals within the wall and a report card like type for her data. She should have a set profitability, creativity, satisfaction of customers and workers, and so on. Her second stage is to assess her employees. Review their past time schedules. Including but not limited to promptness to operate, sick period, and covering shifts. Functionality data typically are from three options: Written information, Oral reviews, Personal remark. The third step entails her to look at that they are comparing to the criteria that the lady requires. The girl needs to question supervisors just how each member is doing but your woman should not miss to also review the managers.

The fourth and final step of the process is to do something when you will discover discrepancies. Since the handbook had not been yet intensive they really are certainly not in the situation to fire any person. Works Reported

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