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The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho

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About the Writer

The writer came to be on August 20, 1946, in Rio, Brazil. Coelho attended Jesuit schools and was raised by religious Catholic parents. By early age he wanted to be a writer although he was disappointed by his parents, they will saw simply no future because profession in Brazil. Coelho's was brought to mental asylum three times by simply his father and mother, starting when he was 17. When Coelho got out of institutional care, he joined rules school, but he decreased out to rotten in the " drugs and rock 'n' roll" of hippie existence in the 1970s. He used to compose song words of the tune for B razil singer protesting the country's military. He was jailed three times for politics activism. In 1987, Coelho wrote a book, The Alchemist, full of creativity. The book attracted very little attention in the beginning until the book was translated into French language and suddenly that leapt onto bestseller lists in Portugal in the early 1990s. Then a book was translated into many different different languages, and quickly The Goldmacher became a worldwide bestseller publication. The publication has been offered, roughly 35 million replications, and now one of the most translated publication by virtually any living creator After the publication of The Goldmacher, Coelho offers written various other books. His 26 literature have sold much more than 65 million copies in at least 59 'languages'.

List of books he composed:

Hell Records

Functional Manual of Vampirism

The Pilgrimage

The Alchemist


By the River Piedra My spouse and i Sat Down and Wept

The 6th Mountain

Veronika Decides to Die

The Devil and Miss Prym

Eleven Moments

Like the Going River

The Valkyries and The Witch of Portobello

About the Book

The Alchemist was initially published 23 years ago by Paulo Coelho. This can be a symbolic story and was originally created in Costa da prata. The publication has offered the title of bestseller since it has offered more than 65 million clones in more than 150 countries. The great success of The Goldmacher can be identified by few different things: First, one among everyday spiritual techniques, the kind of spiritual techniques that people are able to use in their everyday lives, that is to connect with God. And to follow one's dream and pursue their very own personal stories. One of the simple messages of the book is the fact spirituality is usually not a thing separate by an individual's have to realize his/her dreams. And a lot of the publication tells the reader that what one's heart truly desires or wants are in reality messages through the universe, or language worldwide, the way world connect with all of us. It is in pursuing these matters to achieve all their life's objective and goals. Second, which the Alchemist abounds with tradition of various religion and morals tales, such as fairy tales and children's testimonies, whose objective is to add a practical your life lesson.

Significant Themes

Dreams (Sleeping)

The book starts off from Santiago having a dream of finding value at the base of the Pyramids; it was ideal that 1st leads Santiago to pursue his success. It was the dream (robber's dream) that sends him back to Spain. Santiago use to have dreams of a child showing him a treasure with the base of the Pyramids; target audience are resulted in believe that Santiago has had it before. Then he tells the gypsy of Tarifa and Melchizedek regarding this dream; they both told him to follow it, since, they both believe that dreams are the language in which the World speaks. Towards the end of the publication, it is the imagine the robber that he find treasure at deserted Church in Spain which sends Santiago returning to Spain and also to the cherish. Dreams will be linked with fortune, since dreams are the manner in which people come to know all their destiny.


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