The Impact of Advertising about Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to Hutch Ceylon (veraltet)

 The Impact of Advertising in Customer Satisfaction with Special Mention of the Hutch Ceylon veraltet Essay






" The effect of Advertising on client satisfaction with exceptional reference to Hutch Sri Lanka”.

STUDENT TERM: Muhammad Naveed Zafar

STUDENT ID: T21200674

SUPERVISOR: Mister Nalin Abeysekera

Table of Contents

Stand of Contents2

1Introduction: several

2Study Back Ground: 4

2 . 1Table 1- Number of Sri Lankan Mobile phone Subscribers in Millions5

3Study Area: 6

3. 1Hutch Telecom: 6th

3. 2Hutch Sri Lanka advertisements: 7

a few. 3Public Relationship activities: eight

3. 4Least Customer Satisfaction: almost eight


4Research Objectives and Research Inquiries: 9

four. 1Research Aims: 9

4. 2Research Problem: 10

5Literature Review: twelve

5. 1Advertising: 10

5. 2Customer Satisfaction: 11

five. 3Relationship between advertising and Customer Satisfaction: 12

6Methodology: 13

6. 1Conceptual frame operate: 13

Impartial variable Dependent Variable13

6. 2Comparison among primary and secondary data13

6. 3Why secondary data is better decision for this research14

This studies about client satisfaction through advertising and marketing among Hutch Sri Lanka consumers. Secondary data in this research paper will be more prominent. As introduction of mobile industry in Ceylon (veraltet) in 1990s lot of trustworthy academic research has been carried out already relating to mobile phone system industry in Sri Lanka. Hutch Sri Lanka prior research papers available on diverse websites, Client satisfaction and Advertising and marketing research paperwork are available in bulk on on the web data facets. Primary info can be gathered in this research but replies will be unreliable which may impact the reliability of information sources. 13

6. 4Benefit of using secondary data14

6. 5Limitations of employing secondary data14

6. 6Reliability of the data15

6. 7Data analysis15

7Schedule: 15

six. 1When, where, and how data has been collected15

The desk below reveals when, where, and how data has been accumulated. 15

8References: 16


Table 1-18

Number of Sri Lankan Mobile Subscribers in Millions18



Mobile technology introduced in 1957 following introduction of first completely automatic  mobile telephone. Prince Philip was the initially consumer to work with mobile phone in his car in 1957. He uses that phone to with California king while he was away on the highway. Those days mobile technology provides considered top quality luxury actually Dukes prohibited to use mobile, but now tendencies has changed entirely, mobile phone considered as necessity of your life. It is now serves to communicate and keep in touch. (UK Telephone History 2010)

In Sri lanka The duchy of luxembourg based  Millicom Worldwide cellular was first company to introduce and launch it is services in Early 1990s known as Celltel, after in 3 years ago its rebranded as Tigo. Current  Etisalat can be exist after acquisition of Tigo by Etisalat UAE completely. Those days mobiles was used by higher marketplace segment, only Business business owners and well paid employees afford to using mobile phones. Later in 1993 advantages of digital based mobile phone system by Dialog (Axiata Telecom) Malaysian based cellphone company, which gives more secured and crystal clear services than previous analog mobile phones with Sms ( Short Communication service) below GSM technology using 2G and installment payments on your 5G. In 2004 Mobitel (Subsidiary of Sri lanka telecom)was launched sometime later it was introduced very first 3G companies not only in Sri lanka in whole southern region Asia which will ranks Ceylon (veraltet) first country to release 3G services, Study Background:

Mobile Phone technology in Sri Lanka has grown enormously during last few years. currently in 2013 almost all five providers providing 3G coverage almost in every main district with claiming of 70 percent location covered with 3G. Cellular technology in Sri Lanka supplies wireless voice-data service by very affordable value. It assists in easing day to...

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