The Ka

 The Ka Essay

The Ka

A paranormal Egyptian dream

Egyptian magic interpreted coming from hieroglyphs with a modern-day archaeological team activates ancient spells and traditions that will haunt them for years to come. _______________

Here i will discuss an example of book review brevity, however it says every thing the reader wanted to convey. 1) Mystery, magic, intrigue, and great focus on historical fine detail. ~~ Sherrye Boyer Dix, London, England

Notice inside the above test of book review writing the fact that reader mentioned what become a huge hit to her. _______________

An author is usually allowed to remove excerpts by total data received within a review. I actually get authorization to do this initial, but it is definitely not necessary as long as you do not change the reviewer's opinion.

The secret is: As soon as the reviewer sends an author all their book review responses, they become real estate of the publisher, to do with, because they will. They could correct misspellings, change punctuation, or inappropriate word consumption, but should never change or distort the opinion. _______________

This is an example of extracting certain data via a lengthier example of the review data to be able to satisfy optimum word requirements on some of my own advertising:

2) Mary Package has created phrase images so vivid that it is almost like watching a movie. She takes you for the romp through ancient Egypt history as an archaeological team detects and opens a strange tomb in Valley of the Queens. ~~ Joseph M. Ursprung, Phoenix, az, AZ

This was his entire review:

The Ka is actually a book for all those tastes. This kind of skillfully craft novel includes history, scientific research, mysticism, puzzle, intrigue, laughter and relationship in a cool package that is not just amusing but challenges your mind and imagination. Mary Deal has established word images so vibrant it is almost like watching a show. She takes you for a romp through old Egyptian background as a great archaeological staff finds and opens a tomb in Valley in the Queens. A great archaeological college student has the magical ability to speak with the historic Egyptians, and this keeps the storyplot moving for a breathtaking tempo. The Ka is a pleasure to read. One can only wish that via a writer with this talent, it will have many more books to come. ~~ Paul J. Ursprung, Phoenix, Arizona


Luckily, lots of people publish much more, this is why in this example of book review data that I have put together. This gives the publisher a more thorough sense of how their book is always be accepted. A lengthy review – good or bad – can help an author improve their composing. Hopefully, if it's a review that leans toward something negative, it comes as being a pre-review, prior to book would go to publication. Then simply things may be corrected or changed.


What follows is an example of book review completeness still left on the Barnes & Rspectable Web Site. Not only does this reporter compliment The Ka, your woman relates that she has examine much of my writing which is thrilled with it all. 3) Great Writing! Outstanding Book!

After examining many of her short stories and her first publication, The Tropics, I became permanently hooked on author, Jane Deal. Having waited for months for her new book, The Ka, to get published, I was thrilled to get my hands on this and start browsing! The Ka is a masterful blend of illusion, mystery and suspense, with liberal dashes of laughter, and generous pinches of wit, sure together by a stirring relationship that not only transcends time, but permanently binds show past. Making use of the backdrop of both old and modern day Egypt, every single page grabs you and ignites you to the next. Brimming with wealthy, historically exact details, Ms. Deal's radiant characters, spontaneous dialog, and vivid scenery makes this a book you will not be able to put down! The actual premonitions of archaeology college student, Chione Ini-Herit, as the lady and her former like interest, Aaron Ashby, combined with California Company of Archaeology team, traverse this hypnotic novel toward destiny...

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