The Role of Population Division in the Power over Population in District Buner Kpk Pakistan

 The Position of Populace Department inside the Control of Populace in Area Buner Kpk Pakistan Article


" THE POSITION OF HUMAN POPULATION DEPARTMENT IN THE CONTROL OF INHABITANTS IN REGION BUNER” I selected this kind of topic intended for research, because over populace is a sociable problem, which in turn affects the complete society. Pakistan is the strike list of this matter. The world designed country like China, Japan and so on, which can't succeed to control this current issue. Introduction of population:

Population,  term referring to the total human inhabitants of the specified location, such as a town, country, or perhaps continent, by a given time. Population analyze as a discipline is known as population analysis. It is focused on the size, formula, and circulation of foule. Their patterns of transform over time through births, fatalities, and immigration; and the determinants and outcomes of such changes.

There are plenty of causes of above population, as the population of Pakistan is definitely increasing daily due to the next causes. Large birth charge of Pakistan is higher than the rest of the world designed nation. and stands in 7TH populated country of the world. There are so many factors of this larger birth level in Pakistan. i. electronic. Desire of male child, Remarriage of widow, polygamy and so on. Death control is one of the reason of over inhabitants is bigger life expectancy because of modern medicines and health care, which control the death rate and a person survive/ be in society for longer period of time. Targets:

• To know regarding the difficulties in the way of successful role of population department for the control of populace in Region Buner. • To know the role of population office for the control of populace in Section Buner. • To know that how the community itself is actually a hurdle in the implementation of policies in the population department.


This kind of field job was executed in Section Buner.

The info was accumulated from several villages of District Buner including Chenglai, Bajkta, Chagharzo, Bagra, Pirbaba, Nawagai, Dewana Baba and so forth. Sample Size:

In this field work, I actually selected 50 respondents. This is difficult for me to fill the questionnaire from all the staff members, because every sub office has maximum 14 personnel. So for this purpose I selected the stratified arbitrary sample. We selected six respondents by every subwoofer department. Tools of data collection:

A comprehensive set of questions was well prepared in the light of objectives of the study. All the data was collected from the respondents through that tool. Length:

This field work is definitely conducted in 10 days.

Data analysis:

Following passing coming from all the analysis process, the collected info was set up and put in tables. Then your data was analyzed and major findings were attracted. Total 50 respondents had been selected, in which 30 guy respondents and 20 feminine respondents. The first aim of my personal field function explained that main difficulties faced by population department were the threats with the community, insufficient concern tools and insufficient cooperation and coordination on behalf of the people. The second objective of my field work described that the position of inhabitants department was satisfactory. That they arranged family planning programs and also they provided medicine to folks and they informed the people regarding the negative impact of more than population. As a result of medicine that they can provided to the people, decrease the loss of life rate of girls during pregnancy. Another objective of my discipline work explained that the religious people would not participate in the family planning programs in the neighborhood and they would not permit the actions of the inhabitants department in the neighborhood. So this cause community is itself challenge in the setup of procedures of the inhabitants department.


I've faced 3 types of problems during data collection. The present armed service operation against the militant in District Buner, in that explanation fear of militant in the cardiovascular of my respondents because population division was the strike...

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