The Secret Behind Languages

 The Secret Behind Languages Dissertation

Jihad, Abdallah

Prof, Bill, Balint

English composition

Final draft

The key behind languages

Language may be the secret of knowledge the more you know language the greater you know the world, and each vocabulary has its own unique secret. dialect represents peoples' identity in such a way I can tell who have and where you're from by the develop in your tone. Learning a new language can be challenging. It might give the power of knowing and understanding. You can also gain and lose something by learning a new vocabulary. Sometimes terminology gives you the ability of finding the world in different ways. Richard Rodriguez text is all about what can you drop and gain while learning a new terminology also what he experienced by learning it. However Mother Tongue is all about what 1 overcomes simply by learning a brand new language.

Richard Rodriguez's textual content is about learning a new dialect which he sees very hard at the beginning. The written text begins using a third one who the writer is private it doesn't demonstrate who is alkingho is annymos rd person he begining t transformed speaking to start with. The dissertation is a personal essay which will speaks about someone very own experience learning a new language which is English. He encounters a really difficult experience learning the modern language because he has to speak it for school together with his friends and at home together with his family, that barely knew the language. The writer uses various techniques in his essay one is metaphor to help readers understand the point he is planning to make such as ''Her tone, like a lot of Spanish noises I'd listen to in public, were recalled the glowing age of my personal youth''

( Rodriguez). This kind of metaphor claims that the noises of language reminds him of his identity which in turn he has lose during learning the modern language. He uses this kind of metaphor to make the text more interesting and not to shed the readers understanding or fascination of the text message. He uses another metaphor to prove his point which was '' Using Spanish, he was quickly effusive. In particular when talking to man, his voice might spark, glint, flare in with the sounds'' (Rodriguez). This kind of metaphor is definitely use to make clear the the way the flame describe his dad's voice to exhibit how this individual sounds like while he is speaking in The spanish language. Rodriguez utilizes a lot metaphor to confirm his level and to make visitors get the picture he is trying to show. Another technique he uses is different private and public vocabulary. The private language which usually represent his identity. It is Spanish his mother tongue. The public language is definitely the language in the society he lives in, which can be English. The private terminology he uses at home had been forbidden simply by his tutor from school. As they can learn English even more by talking to his friends and family, so the public language had become both utilization in public and at home along with his family. The writer likewise uses description in his text message such as once Richard Rodriguez describe how difficult learning a new terminology is. Because he had to practice speaking English language with his father and mother who barely knew chinese, that has generated silence in the house which cause not enough communication with one another. The loss and gain in Richard Rodriguez text stated is the decrease of identity and the gain of the public terminology which in which he lives. The minute he elevated his turn in class is the minute he lose his identity penalized Mexican and speaking The spanish language. Because if this wasn't for this class this individual wouldn't have to speak British both by school and home. Which has led to the loss of his kid hood as well as the sounds of his father and mother speaking inside your home. But out of this negative

knowledge it changed to a positive, which is gaining a fresh language that has him comprehending the people he's surrounds simply by and the society he hails from. After learning English he has the power to answer inquiries and ask question. also this individual has the ability to go through, write and speak The english language..

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