Subject Proposal

 Title Proposal Essay

The Acceptability of Online Sungka

Who will always be benefited?

First beneficiary of this a few persons who wants to play sungka even though they don't have the board and stones. It might be tool to relieve the stress of the person. Second are the experts, they can gain more expertise and they can develop their skill in game development. What is the concern of the project?

The concern of the project is usually to help several Filipino children who are not popular in playing the Sungka game in which this place of the country's native video game. Who will be engaged in the job?

The specialist, the likely user.

When is the start and end with the project?

September 2013 – October 2014

Where is project done and integrated?

Inside the institution, and study some experienced in playing sungka. How come researchers propose for this project?

The specialist proposed these kinds of project since they note that many of us don't know how to perform sungka. We all decided to wear it a computer primarily based so that, the game can be played in a modern day way. How the project will be conducted?

The researcher will certainly gather info in playing sungka. All of us will use software that can help us to develop the game like Flash Software and Java Programming. Specific Actions?

Simple whenever you play sungka in reality but the difference is that you simply play that now within a software.


First the client, because it can assist them to swap on/off the sunshine even though they may be not in the house. Second the researcher mainly because they gain, and develop their skill. Concern

The concern of the task is to build a software that will help to control the intake of energy simply by uising the sunshine. Involved

Consumer and the specialist

Start – End

September 2013-Oct2014

Location to be conducted and Integrated

Inside the school or even within a house.


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