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In Genesis 12, The almighty promises to generate Abraham a fantastic nation and to give the terrain of Canaan to his descendants. He also claims that in Abraham, the families of our planet would be blessed. By the book of Joshua, God has turned good on his promises to generate Abraham into a great region. He offers delivered Abraham's descendants by slavery in Egypt. Nevertheless , God will not send His home country of israel to the much reaches of the world (yet) in order to bless the nations. Rather he will place Israel inside the strategic land of Canaan so that His home country of israel can show forth the benefits of God's rule to the people traveling along its a large number of vital transact routes. Since God's persons enter the Assured Land, they can be allotted parcels by tribe. Joshua 15: 45-47 records that the tribe of Judah received arrive at the seaside plain comprising from the mountain range all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. The book of Judges paperwork that the tribe of Judah take most of the cities in this area but are under no circumstances able to fully capture that. Rather it's the Philistines that will occupy the southern coastal plain inside the years to come. The previous Prophets will constantly verify the violence between His home country of israel and the Philistines. Assuming that Our god intended to utilize the land allocated to Judah to fulfill his promise to bless the nations through Israel, I desired to study a city on the seaside plain in Philistia. Who were these people interacting with? Who could Israel have blessed if perhaps they had the capacity to secure the land? A basic survey of Philistine metropolitan areas led me to Ashkelon, which is a tad off of the key trade ways but on the coast. Ashkelon, with its links to the marine would likely have some different and some overlapping transact interactions with the Israelite friends and neighbors to the east. I likewise was captivated by knowing even more about the Philistines and their interactions together with the other nations in the Levant. Ashkelon also, is the site of recent and ongoing excavation work, which in turn made it a good choice. Hence, I chosen studying Ashkelon to begin to comprehend what for you to bless the nations lay at its slot. I chose to focus my analyze on the Overdue Bronze Age to Flat iron II Age group in order to utilize most relevant info.


Ashkelon: Its Name and Geographic Area The identity " Ashkelon” derives thier name from the Semitic root t-q-l (or s-q-l) meaning " to weigh” from which the Hebrew word " shekel” comes from. one particular In traditional times, metropolis lent thier name to a exceptional variety of onion grown presently there and thus, " scallion” and " shallot” enter the The english language language once again of Ashkelon's horticultural previous. The ancient city of Ashkelon is situated around the coast from the Mediterranean Sea regarding 63 kilometers south of Tel Aviv and 16 kilometers north of Gaza in the the southern part of coast of modern day Israel. It is situated on the the southern area of part of the seaside plain. The southern coastal plain is normally dry, receiving only forty five days of rainfall per year. Ashkelon, like most of the cities within the coastal simple must depend on the water stand to supply the required water intended for sustaining life. With no organic harbor around the Mediterranean shoreline in Middle east, it in uncertain for what reason certain spots were chosen as slot cities above others. Most likely the abundant water wells beneath the web page were found out by the old fashioned settlers of Ashkelon. two

The site itself is demarcated by a semicircular arc of Middle Fermete earthworks two km extended and 40 m by places. The settlement surrounded within ranges from the Chalcolithic period for the Malmuk era. Ashkelon was quite a huge city when compared with many other towns in the Elevateur. The lived on area of the city is over sixty acres which usually had up to 15, 500 inhabitants at various instances. Biblical and Extra-biblical References to the City Section of the early conspiracy of Ashkelon stemmed from the mentions from the city in colaboration with the Pentapolis of the Philistines. 3 The name Ashkelon is described 13 occasions in doze...

References: on the city Part of the early intrigue of Ashkelon stemmed from the mentions of the city in association with the Pentapolis with the Philistines. three or more The term Ashkelon can be mentioned 13 times in 12 passages of the Scriptures. 4 It really is mentioned being a city provided to Judah in Joshua. In various occasions the Judges, Kings as well as the Lord him self in the Ark go to Ashkelon to make warfare. The prophets declare the misfortune and ruin of Ashkelon in various occasions. Extra-biblical sources to the city of Ashkelon date earlier than the biblical data. The earliest recorded mention of Ashkelon occurs on an eighteenth-nineteenth century B. C.

Lawrence At the. Stager and J. David Schloen, " Introduction: Ashkelon and its Residents, ” in Ashkelon 1: Introduction and Overview (1985-2006), ed. Lawrence E. Stager, J. David Schloen, and Daniel M. Master (Winona Lake, IN.: Eisenbrauns, 2008), 7. a couple of Ibid., several. This was initially hypothesized by simply W. J. Pythian Adams, who excavated Ashkelon in 1921. several Ashkelon, Ekron, Ashdod, Gath and Gaza. 4 Josh 13: three or more; Judges one particular: 18, 18: 19; you Sam 6th: 17; 2Sam 1: twenty; Jer twenty-five: 20; 47: 5, 7; Amos you: 8; Zeph 2: 5, 7; Zech 9: a few. 2

Egypt Execration Textual content. In these kinds of texts, urban centers and peoples opposed to Pharaoh and the Egyptian state had been written in pottery and subsequently broke in a sort of magical ritual. 5 Ashkelon was plainly a noteworthy force of opposition to Egypt possibly prior to the Hyksos period in Egypt. Ashkelon is pointed out as " carried off” on the famous Merneptah Stele, which times to the 13th century B. C. Ashkelon continually appears in Assyrian political files which record the various revolts of the city, replacements of local kings and tributes paid towards the Assyrian kings. Archaeology: A Brief History and Current Work A fascination arose among Europeans in the 18th century to get the sites and culture from the Ancient Around East. A large number of travelled to these types of places and recorded all their findings. The city of Ashkelon became a common destination for such visitors for at least two reasons: it was a city known in the Bible and medieval reports of the Crusades, and it absolutely was left in ruins and desolate, unoccupied. Coupled with it is proximity to other well-known sites in the Levant, Ashkelon became the main topic of light query by inquisitive European travelers. 6 In 1815, Woman Stanhope began the first official study of Ashkelon, which developed into more of a cherish hunt. It wasn't until 1921 the first " scientific” hunt for Ashkelon was performed by Ruben Garstang and W. T. Pythian-Adams. The Garstang expedition uncovered a large number of Roman and Byzantine era findings together with a senate house. Other discoveries were made as much different teams led numerous brief excavations throughout the 20th century. six The Leon Levy Trip began during the summer of 85 and extended uninterrupted pertaining to 16 straight seasons until 2000. Function then started again and was completed in 2004. During that time the focus with the work was on three areas. Two Iron II fortification towers were excavated on the upper slope from the tell in Grid 2 . Near the middle of the tell, a winery was excavated in Grid 38. Finally, in Grid 50, within the coast, a market place was discovered. These two discoveries were located under the level of lung burning ash left by Nebuchadnezzar's destruction of Ashkelon in 604 B. C.,

5 6th

Laughlin, 41. Most notably Napoleon invaded Egypt and Middle east, bringing with him a hundred seventy five scholars who have recorded results in the Elevateur, which included Ashkelon.. 7 Multiple Byzantine sites, including two churches, had been found about the middle of the twentieth century and a hoard of egypt bronze figurines were found out as well. David Schloen, " Brittish and Israeli Excavations, ” in Ashkelon you, 159-161. several

dating them to Iron II as well. A lot of pottery and pot sherds were discovered in these two areas. The results of the expanded excavation triggered discoveries also numerous to talk about. 8 Mainly because I i am interested in the interactions between Ashkelon and other people groups during the late Bronze and Iron Age range, I chose to focus on the discoveries made in the Grid 38 winery plus the Grid 60 marketplace. Might the pottery found in these two commercial sites tell us regarding the trade interactions between Ashkelon as well as its surrounding international locations? Ashkelon Just before Its Break down in 604 B. C. By the time Nebuchadnezzar arrived to destroy Ashkelon in 604 B. C., Ashkelon was at the center of any bustling trade economy. Quite a lot of this control was centered around the ocean going trade primarily based out of the slot cities inside the Levant, including Ashkelon. The Phoenicians had been the prominent force pertaining to trade throughout the Mediterranean. Professional sailors, the Phoenicians could export and import items in much greater quantities than patients who wanted to operate by land. Faust and Weiss notice: Ashkelon, this website of a enormous Mediterranean slot, was at the heart from the local marketplace. Ashkelon's nearby area was used mainly for the production of the most profitable economic product of the time—wine. The inner coastal plain plus the Shephelah, a greater distance to the east and best represented simply by Ekron, had been used in hopes of the production of olive oil. Judah and the Negev formed another and fourth zones of production (for grains and grazing). The growing dependence on these products was behind Judah's expansion for the previously un/under-exploited regions of the Judaean desert and the Negev. This complicated economic system was peripheral for the Mediterranean economic system of the seventh century, the driving force behind which was Phoenician maritime control. 9 To comprehend the degree which Ashkelon was involved with the Phoenicians and other countries in ocean going trade, the Leon Garnishment Expedition accumulated almost 190, 000 potsherds and carefully analyzed and classified all of them. The results showed that commercial storage space jars focused the potsherd findings at the winery plus the marketplace. A comprehensive petrographic


This is evidenced in the 10 volume final report series, of which only vols 1-3 are currently available. Some noteworthy findings not really discussed in this paper incorporate a number of human being and faunal remains, most notably a dog funeral ground, a necropolis, and lots of inscriptions, disciplines and designs, and coins. 9 Avraham Faust and Ehud Weiss. " Judah, Philistia, as well as the Mediterranean Community: Reconstructing the Economic System from the Seventh 100 years b. c. e.. " Bulletin of American Schools intended for Oriental Exploration. 338. May (2005): 71. Also, discover Appendix you, " Control Patterns inside the Southern Levant. ” 5

analysis of 186 selected commercial pieces was after that conducted which yielded amazing results. Depending on petrographic evaluation, the provenience of the test vessels were determined. The results of the analysis uncovered the following provenience information: Community - 77%, Shephelah -- 13%, Phoenicia - five per cent, Negev - 3%, Cyprus - 1%, Egypt -

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