Urinalysis Case Studies

 Urinalysis Case Studies Essay

п»їStudent Name: Feeling Pierce

Urinalysis Case Study one particular

Patient History:

Mickey Lake is a 27 years old woman Native American. Her main complaint is fatigue and malaise. The girl states she actually is " worn out and famished and thirsty all of the time" no matter how very much she consumes or drinks. She has drastically increased her food intake, although has shed 10 pounds in the last 8 weeks. She also gripes of fatigue, blurred perspective, and an ungainly feeling of tingling in her right ft .. Her physical exam unveiled the following: Her blood pressure is normal. Her temperature is normal. Her pulse is normal. Her respiratory system rate can be elevated. Lab Values: observe table in mastering module

1 . List the unnatural symptoms or conditions the individual is exhibiting a. Exhaustion, malaise, dizziness, blurred perspective, numbness in the right ft ., weight loss, respiratory rate elevated

2 . List any unusual lab principles the patient has

Acidosis, glucose in uring, ketones in urine, and slightly higher specificity gravity

three or more. Explain the main cause of each irregular lab benefit

Acidosis is definitely from excess production of organic acids, glucose- is not being filtered and reabsorbed, ketones – beta oxidation process, large amounts in blood, cant process blood sugar, specificity of gravity – more stable then urine being created

4. Describe the cause of every single abnormal sign or condition

The symptoms fatigue, desire, blurred vision and numbness are all symptoms caused by the inability of the pancreatic to create insulin and procedure glucose, with no insulin the body begins to believe you happen to be starving which will breaks down the fat and causes the weight loss, the thirst is definitely caused by the entire body attempting to rid itself from the excess urine and causes lacks and desire, the fatigue is due to the over production of insulin and incapability to be highly processed properly, numbness is due to the interference of the minds information to process neural signals.

5. List the probable charge (overall cause) behind the...

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