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Vicariate of Black Catholic Concerns

Diocese of Brooklyn / Queens

" Building Unity Inside our CommUnity”

Vicariate of Black Catholic Concerns

Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens

224 Brooklyn Avenue * Brooklyn, NY 11213

Phone: 718 774-3806 2. Fax: 718 773-0055

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The Advisors drapes the Graduating Dove

Laying about of Hands

The Aged people kneel ahead of the altar. They are blindfolded by way of a mentors to represent their not known future. (Mentors will place kente cloth on proper shoulder with the seniors. ) Reverend Caleb A. S. Buchanan

Prayer of True blessing


Reverend Caleb A. P. Buchanan

O The almighty of Love, God of Frivolity, God of Joy, and God of Surprises, you are the essential Fountain of your lives. We all gather right here as the faith community redeemed from your Son, Christ. We inquire you, O God, to charge our youth, together with your saving strength, to transform them more intensely into the occurrence of Christ in the world. In communion with the ancestors as well as the saints, we all pray to you O God, that you whelm them with the blessings.


Ms. Hermosa Hazel

Today, we honor our youngsters who have manufactured a commitment to be enhance by trust and leadership this weekend. Our teenagers those who are Ankhs, those who are Sankofas and each of our oldest group the Doves will strive to be adding to members of God's friends and family in the building up of His Kingdom and support of your parish neighborhoods by posting their period, talent and treasures. We ask the Ankhs and Sankofas to strive to become Doves, understand what will be asked of you as you not merely mature nevertheless also grow in your Christian faith. We will begin our Habit with the Ankh group, accompanied by the Sankofas and then the Doves.

Bishop, Father Caleb, parents, good friends, Kujengans, the Vicariate of Black Catholic Concerns proudly presents to you personally the Ankh group. They are 14 to 15 years of age and these young people have reached age reason and are also now prepared to accept the responsibilities trusted to all of them. We, the adults in the community, recognize all of them as being prepared to accept the responsibilities of fresh Christian males and females. They will be well-informed about the characteristics of higher meaningful and Christian values. They will become young mentors for their peers and their more youthful brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors and university mates. We all will expect them to invite their good friends to Kujenga next year and start their Christian journey of living and loving themselves and the Gospel values. ANKH group please stand.

O One, we give You thanks that You have led us by an inner light throughout the midst of darkness and on strange paths. We do not know very well what the future holds for these teenagers and these young ladies, but we can say that You hold their future. Go through no injure, harm, or danger to overwhelm all of them. Let them generate sensible choices so that they will never become slaves to foolishness or reject the best development of their persona. May that they let Jesus dominate all their lives that they may not always be selfish, afraid, or at fault in the support of others.

Advisors remove blindfold, support the graduate to stand. Deacon Leroy Department will say " Those seniors who wish to speak may do so at this time. ” Reverend Caleb A. G. Buchanan will offer each aged people their gifts.

ALL: Dad, grant these people spiritual power. Jesus, guidebook them lovingly Holy Spirit, guide all of them righteously. Soit!



Reverend Caleb A. P. Buchanan

God each of our Creator, when ever these Kujenga participants were baptized, You sent these to proclaim Your word, restore in these people their baptismal commissioning while using love and strength of the Holy Soul. In the Name of Goodness our Inventor, I mail you, Kujenga members; back to your families, the local churches, universities, and areas as Catholic leaders. Might the experience of Kujenga renew you as determined and dynamic leaders inside your families, the parishes or houses of worship, schools and...

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